Sydney was hit by heavy rains and floods

Reuters video

It rains in Sydney, “it’s tough 24 hours ahead”

Story: Tens of thousands of Australians fled their homes as flood alerts spread to the east coast of the country. Heavy rains struck the country’s largest city, Sydney, flooding several large suburban streets. About 20 people have been reported dead since the floods in Australia began at the end of last month. Municipalities said Tuesday that a 67-year-old woman and her 34-year-old son were found dead near an abandoned car on the rainwater canal in western Sydney. Carlene York, New South Wales emergency captain, called the flood unprecedented. For this event. Meanwhile, Dean Naramore, a forecaster for the Bureau of Meteorology, said more floods from Queensland to Victoria are expected. “It’s tough 24 or 48 hours away. Even if the rain stops on Wednesday (March 9th) and Thursday (March 10th), these rivers still have plenty of water.” Eastern Australia Rivers have already approached capacity in recent weeks after record heavy rainfall in some areas of Queensland and New South Wales. The rains cut off the entire town, wiped out farms and livestock, and cut off the power of countless inhabitants. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ordered more emergency personnel to be dispatched to the flood-affected areas.