Syrian man stabs wife and man in Norwegian domestic conflict: police

On May 20, 2022, a police car stopped behind a roadside barrier tape in Noah, Norway’s Numedal region, after being attacked. (Via Lise Aserud / NTB / Reuters)

Police said a Syrian man stabbed and injured his wife and another man in a small village in southeastern Norway on Friday, adding that the attack was a domestic conflict and was not dangerous to others.

According to police, the attack injured two victims and the attackers, causing a major response by paramedics for fear of a larger incident, leaving one of the victims in crisis.

“The first victim was a woman who married an attacker,” a police spokesman told reporters. “There is no danger to others anymore.”

Officials said at least four people were injured in what was initially thought to be a random and ongoing attack.

“This is a Syrian family whose perpetrator is married to one of the victims,” ​​police said in another statement.

The suspect was first arrested by civilians who witnessed the attack, including students from a nearby high school, officials said.

The attacks occurred in rural, mountainous Nore and Uvdal municipalities in the Numedal region of Norway.