Taiwan reports new invasion of Chinese jet defense zone

Taipei-Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense reported on Monday a new invasion by the Chinese Air Force into the air defense identification zone of an island consisting of eight fighters and two other aircraft. One of them flew through the strategic Bashi Channel.

China claims Taiwan has complained about repeated missions by the Chinese Air Force in the past few months near an island concentrated in the southwestern part of the air defense identification zone near the Taiwan-controlled Platas Islands.

At the end of last month, Taiwan reported that 20 Chinese aircraft were involved in one such intrusion.

In this case, the Taiwan Ministry of Defense involved four Chinese J-16 and four J-10 fighters, airborne early warning and anti-submarine aircraft, the latter through the Bashi Channel in Taiwan. He said he flew to the south. It connects the Pacific Ocean and the South China Sea.

The Taiwanese Air Force sent combat air patrols to warn Chinese aircraft to stay away, the ministry added.

Although there was no immediate response from the Chinese Ministry of Defense, the flight was consistent with other Chinese military operations to northern Taiwan.

The Japanese Ministry of Defense said on Sunday that the Chinese aircraft carrier Liaoning passed through the Miyako Strait on its way to the Pacific Ocean with five escort vessels.

The Chinese Air Force does not fly over Taiwan itself, but the flight puts pressure on the island’s Air Force both financially and physically, with aircraft described by security officials as a “war of exhaustion.” Make sure you are ready to go. “

The Chinese administration considers democratic Taiwan to be its own territory and has never abandoned the use of force to bring the island under its control.

The Taiwanese Air Force is well trained, but dwarfed compared to the Chinese Air Force.

Ben Blanchard