Taiwan says 11 people were arrested at the Haiti embassy

The latest developments in the assassination of President Jovenel Moise in Haiti:

Taipei, Taiwan — Taiwan’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that Haitian police have arrested 11 armed suspects attempting to break into the Port-au-Prince embassy. Details of the suspect’s identity and the reason for the intrusion were not disclosed.

“Whether the suspect was involved in the assassination of President Haiti needs to be investigated by Haitian police,” foreign affairs spokesman Joan Ou told The Associated Press in Taipei.

Officials said police were warned by embassy guards while Taiwanese diplomats were working from home. The ministry said some doors and windows were broken, but there was no other damage to the embassy.

Haiti is one of the few countries in the world to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, rather than Beijing’s rival mainland China.

To date, 17 suspects have been detained in the assassination of Haiti’s President David Moyes, and Haiti officials believe the two have dual citizenship between the United States and Haiti, and the Colombian government At least six are said to be members of the former army.

Leon Charles, head of Haiti’s national police, said Thursday night that 15 detainees were from Colombia.

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