Taiwan says it will not send government officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics

Taiwan has not sent government officials to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, the Mainland Affairs Council announced on Tuesday, making it the latest country to refrain from attending the Olympics.

“Given the limited number of participants and previous precedents that staff on our side were often absent, no official representatives will be dispatched,” the council said in a statement. rice field.

Instead, Taiwan said it would send a representative of the Olympic Commission to the Olympics.

This move will not affect Taiwanese athletes’ participation in the Olympics. They continue to compete as planned and at least four athletes have been qualified so far.

The council did not mention Taiwan’s stance on the diplomatic boycott of the US-led Winter Olympics, but urged Beijing not to tamper with the tournament due to “political factors.”

“We urge this year’s organizers to adhere to the” Olympic Charter “and use political factors to disrupt competition, oppress our side and not downplay. Relevant government agencies are also ready to respond to various emergencies. “

Taiwanese officials worried that Taipei officials could “downgrade” Taiwan’s status by placing players alongside Hong Kong’s Chinese “special administrative region” players at the opening ceremony. Claimed to have stated.

Taiwan’s decision was made shortly after the Ministry of Defense reported that 39 Chinese aircraft, including bombers, had passed the air defense identification zone on January 23.

According to the map Post According to the Twitter ministry, the aircraft flew in the northeastern region of Taiwan-controlled Platas Island. The latest intrusions included 34 J-16 and J-10 fighters, one H-6 bomber, and four aircraft with electronic warfare capabilities.

In response, Taiwan has scrambled fighters, broadcast radio alerts, and deployed missile systems to monitor Chinese aircraft, the ministry said.

Tensions between the autonomous islands of Taiwan and China are increasing, and China is increasing pressure on Taiwan. China claimed Taiwan as part of its sovereignty and vowed to conquer the island by force as needed.

Taiwan is competing as “Chinese Taipei” at most sporting events, including the Olympics, in Beijing’s claim that it considers democratically governed Taiwan as “one China” and part of its inviolable Chinese territory. increase.

There were no Taiwanese officials at the 2008 Beijing Summer Olympics, but three senior politicians participated. Digital Minister Audrey Tang was scheduled to participate in the Tokyo Olympics last year, but the trip was canceled due to concerns about the coronavirus.

Several Western countries, including the United States, have announced diplomatic boycotts for the Beijing Winter Olympics in protest of the Chinese administration’s “ongoing genocide and crimes against humanity in the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.”

All countries participating in the diplomatic boycott will allow their athletes to compete.

Frank Fang and Reuters contributed to this report.

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