Taiwan strengthens navy with announcement of new amphibious ship in China threat

On Tuesday, Taiwan announced a new amphibious ship that could be used to land troops and strengthen its supply lines to the fragile islands off China and the South China Sea.

Named after Taiwan’s tallest mountain, the 10,600-ton Yushan is the latest part of President Tsai Ing-wen’s ambitious program to modernize his army under pressure from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

The Chinese Communist Party considers Taiwan part of its territory and threatens war to destroy the island. Jeju is a virtually independent country with democratically elected governments, troops, constitutions, and currencies.

Built by state-sponsored CSBC Corporation Taiwan, the vessel will go into service next year and will be equipped with cannons for use against air and ground targets, anti-aircraft missiles, and rapid-fire phalanx close-to-air and anti-aircraft guns. Missile gun.

Tsai officially named the new ship in Kaohsiung’s southern port city, saying it represents a “milestone” in Taiwan’s indigenous warship construction program.

“I believe this ship will certainly carry out its mission and strengthen the Navy’s ability to further strengthen our defenses,” she said.

CSBC Chairman Chen Wen Lung is not only a landing craft with space for landing craft and helicopters, but also for transport to Taiwan’s property on the disputed South China Sea and the islands off Taiwan near the Chinese coast. Said it will be used. For a long time, it was considered an easy target for the Chinese administration during the war.

“During the war, we have amphibious operations missions to bring in reinforcements and fight to recapture the offshore islands,” he added.

The ship has a “stealth look” and electromagnetic pulse protection, Chen said.

“It can carry out various combat missions on its own in the sea for a long time.”

Taiwan’s Air Force has benefited from high-priced merchandise such as new and upgraded F-16s, but the Navy is Tsai’s next focus, with submarines produced and highly maneuverable stealth corvettes last year. The first fleet of was launched.

The new Tuo-class corvette is called the “aircraft carrier killer” by the Taiwanese navy because it complements anti-ship missiles. Sky sword anti-aircraft missiles can also be installed.

Tsai has strengthened its domestic arms industry in an attempt to make Taiwan as self-sufficient as possible.

Ben Blanchard

Epoch Times staff contributed to this report