Taiwanese woman discovers that her son’s kindergarten classmate is the daughter of her husband and mistress


After meeting a little girl in her son’s kindergarten, which allegedly resembles her husband, a Taiwanese woman discovered that she was the daughter of her husband and his ex-mistress.

After the discovery, the woman was reported to have shared a story titled “My husband’s mistress’ daughter goes to the same kindergarten as her son” on an online forum called Breaking News Commune APP-Anonymous Commune. China Press..

When she took her son to school, the woman came across a mistress and a girl, and soon realized a mysterious similarity between her husband and the girl. She later realized that the girl was the daughter of her husband and his ex-mistress.

According to her post, the woman I found it About her husband’s case when she was pregnant with her son five years ago. Her husband and her mistress sought forgiveness and vowed to break the bond with each other.

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“Five years later, she still lives in the same town as me and gave birth to a girl,” the woman wrote.

When confronting her husband, he allegedly denied the claim and pushed the woman to the ground.

“I asked him if the child was him, and he didn’t answer. I asked him if he was still secretly in contact with his mistress, and he” crazy I even called [while] I won’t answer, “the woman wrote.

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The woman also revealed that she was six months pregnant with her second child, and in an updated post said she plans to move and live with her parents until she gives birth. Six months later, my heart suddenly became cold and I realized that this was all a lie. Come to think of it, I’ve been lying for five years. They’ve been sneaking around all the time and I’m going to break down. “

She also said her husband stopped by her parents’ house to ask for forgiveness. But she isn’t ready to forgive him yet.

“Whether I forgive him or not, I’ll wait and see,” the woman wrote.

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