Take up “musket” for LGBTQ + equality




On Monday, President Kevin Warsen of Brigham Young University announced the creation of a new “office” to superficially support groups that have reached their limits on the campus of Provo, Utah.

The new office will offer services and programs focused on making the school comprehensive. University press release.. The creation of the office follows a report from BYU’s Committee on Race, Equality and Attribution that ended in February.

Mr. Wazen said that his bureau not only eradicates racism, but also “race, ethnicity, nationality, tribe, gender, age, disability, socioeconomic status, religious beliefs, sexual orientation, etc. We will strive to counter prejudice. ” orientation. “Gender identity was not specifically mentioned by Worthen.

At the same ceremony for faculty and staff spoken by Worsen, Latter-day Saint Church leader Jeff Roy Holland is a “friendly fire” from BYU faculty and staff on the church’s position on topics, including same-sex marriage. Discussed what he said. , Reported TV station KSTU..

The Netherlands added that it came out against the doctrine of the Church when educators should have supported them.He also raised the reasons why students came out using the speeches of the graduates, and the students were “commanders.”[ed] A graduation podium aimed at representing everyone who gets a diploma. ” Salt Lake Tribune..

“We need to be independent and have different wills, if necessary. We are a university that is second to none in its role as an undergraduate educational institution that is clearly faithful to the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. That. In the future, if that mission means relinquishing professional affiliation or qualifications, that would be the case. ” Said.. University faculty and staff should take up the intellectual “musket” in order to uphold the Mormon Church, especially “family doctrine and … marriage as a bond between men and women.”

Said Matt Easton, the president of gay graduates who came out two years ago. Salt Lake Tribune He was proud of what he had done.

“I wasn’t trying to grandstand or” command “the event. I took advantage of my personal experience as it shaped my time at BYU — credibility is not the same as “agenda push”, ”said Easton.

Dutch comments led to online criticism and complaints.

In a statement, Paul Southwick, director of the Religious Forgiveness Accountability Project, called the Dutch statement “hostile” and “warlike.”

“All students need to have the freedom to be honest and candid about who they are without being exposed to dangerous rhetoric. All students need to feel safe in the campus environment. “Southwick said.

“We oppose this speech and the message of exclusion it sends to LGBTQ + youth during very vulnerable times in their lives,” Southwick added. “We encourage Mr. Holland, BYU, the LDS Church, and all other religiously affiliated universities to join us to accept these young people. These are your children. And they deserve our unconditional love and acceptance. “