Taliban agrees to allow 200 foreigners to depart on charter flights from Kabul



Analysis-Unleashing Reforms, Xi Returns to Chinese Socialist Roots

習近 Xiaoping in the second half of 2012, took the leadership of the Communist Party, when he declared that “only socialism can save China”, it has been largely ignored as a functional mention of outdated slogan. .. With the abolition of term restrictions in 2018, China’s strongest leader since Mao Zedong has promoted what some observers call a mini “revolution,” curbing capitalist excesses and the negative cultural west. Remove the effect. From the school curriculum, including the study of the newly required “Xi Jinping thought about socialism with the features of China”, until the pressure of that increased regulation and government of the real estate sector is regarded as unhealthy entertainment, touching on everything Efforts have upset and encouraged investors Authorities and state media seek to soften the market.