Taliban celebrates the decapitation of Afghan soldiers with a horrifying video

Exclusive — The Taliban bowed the Afghan soldiers and praised the leader in a video posted in Taliban’s private chat room, holding the victim’s severed head in his hair.

The 36-second video obtained by the Washington Examiner was posted a week ago.It is unknown when it was made, but August 17th Taliban leaders promised Pardon of civil servants and protection of women.

Taliban fighters celebrate around the necked body of a former police chief.screenshot

“We want to ensure that no one is harmed by the international community, including the United States,” said Taliban spokesman Zabifra Mujahid. “We don’t want internal or external enemies.”

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In the video, six Taliban fighters surround the soldiers, lying on their backs in the desert with their heads on their chests. Five of the men have rifles and the sixth has two bloody knives in one hand. A seventh person is filming the event.

Soldiers are wearing the type of dark green uniform assigned to the Armed Forces by the US Army.

The apparently group leader, the knife-wielding perpetrator, can be seen raising his weapon in the air. In a Pashto translation provided to the Washington Examiner by US military sources, we can hear the man chanting “Mujahideen!”.

Then they shout: “God is wonderful and long-lived for Ameer ul momeneen Mullah Haybat Uallah Akhunzada!”

Mujahideen is the Arabic word for guerrilla fighters, and Ameer ulmomeneen is the word of love. Mullah Haybat Uallah Akhunzada is the Supreme Leader of Tullivan.

At the end of the video, the group leader said, “Shoot him! He must look like he was shot!” As fighters line up to shoot.

“This is barbaric and I never trust the Taliban,” said Nasser von Wajiri, an Afghan security consultant who worked with government agencies across the country while Americans were stationed there. rice field. “Terrorists are always terrorists.”

Brig. General Don Bordak, who oversaw police and military training as a special operations commander, said he was saddened by the video and became ill.

“This is what we are trying to deal with. These are the types of people that the Biden administration has dealt with and decided to hand over the entire country,” he said. “These people are guilty of crimes against humanity that are inferior to other groups in history. Some of their torture methods are to peel living people.”

Boldak said he saw three head-held victims during his ten tours in Afghanistan. They were all in a local village, and Boldak’s special operations team was summoned by their families to investigate the crime.

Decapitation wasn’t limited to law enforcement officers, Boldak said. Anyone who identifies the Taliban as an unbelieving person or finds himself doing something contrary to Shari’a law is acceptable.

When the Boldak team first arrived in Afghanistan, they found a soccer field where the Taliban were used as a killing zone to hang, shoot and decapitate victims. Body parts such as hands and feet were piled up, and a gallows was built in another place. The horrifying discoveries included victims of women and children.

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“These guys are bad for bones,” Bolduc said. “There is nothing good for these people. Twenty years after taking the Taliban permanently from the planet or trapping their rest of their lives in a place to stay, the Obama administration decided to let them go, Currently they have the highest position in the Afghan government. “

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