Taliban fighters enter Kabul and call for a “change of power”

Taliban fighters surrounded Kabul and entered the city’s suburbs on Sunday seeking the surrender of Afghanistan’s central government, reports reports.

The Taliban said in a statement that the fighter did not force the city. negotiation On the “opposite side” where you can enter without bloodshed.

“Negotiations are underway to ensure that the transition process is completed safely and reliably without compromising anyone’s life, property or honor,” said the Qatar translation. Al Jazeera English..

“Our troops have not invaded the city of Kabul, and we have issued a statement that our troops will not invade the city of Kabul,” said Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen. Al Jazeera English.. “We are talking and waiting for a peaceful relocation, the transition of the capital.”

Arrival in Kabul began in May as militants conquered many cities previously under the control of the Afghan government, following the Taliban offensive that gained momentum over the past week.

Taliban fighters have already released thousands of prisoners from Kabul’s main Pur et Charqui prison, The Wall Street Journal.. Thousands of Kabul residents crowded banks on Sunday in an attempt to withdraw money ahead of the Taliban’s advance. On Friday, militants dominated Afghanistan’s second and third largest cities. Kandahar and Herat..

The US Embassy in Kabul is currently evacuating personnel and will be closed once the evacuation is complete. Many Report..

Taliban fighters too Photographed Bagram Air Force Base,U.S. Army Evacuated last month. The base housed 5,000 prisoners, including members of Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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