Taliban fire gun, video show protesters waving Afghanistan flag on Independence Day

Several protesters were reportedly killed by Taliban terrorists who fired at a crowd of Afghans celebrating the country’s Independence Day.

In one videoOn Thursday, on the streets of the capital Kabul, gunshots were heard near an organized rally, leading to mass panic and seeing people hiding.

Images of shootings in cities across Afghanistan appeared when flag-waving protesters went out to the streets of several cities, ignoring the spread of the Taliban.

“Our flag, our identity,” a crowd of protesting men and women chanted when waving the Afghan flag.

Epoch Times Photo
In this still image taken from the video, on August 19, 2021, a man riding a tuk-rickshaw along the streets of Kabul, Afghanistan, is waving the Afghan flag. (Screenshot via Reuters)

In Asadabad, the capital of the eastern state of Kunar, several people were killed during the rally, but it was not immediately clear whether the casualties were due to the Taliban terrorist shooting or the stampede caused after the shooting. .. Witnesses are quoted as saying by media reports.

In another video of the rally in Asadabad, Get Fox News, Afghan people with the national tricolor flag can be seen cycling through the streets, with gunshots in the background. It is unclear whether the flag and shooting are somehow related or whether the Taliban are shooting.

Afghanistan’s Independence Day is usually celebrated on August 19, 1919, when it became independent of British rule.

On Wednesday, media reported that the Taliban army fired directly at a crowd of other demonstrators in Jalalabad. Three people were reportedly killed in the shooting.

They reported that the reaction of rebels to protests, such as the Afghans breaking the white Taliban flag, changed after the 1996-2001 rule when people severely restricted women and publicly executed them. May decide whether to trust the warranty of.

Reuters contributed to this report.

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