Taliban Occupies 7th Afghan Capital in 5 Days: “Occupies Governor’s Office”


The Taliban occupied Afghanistan’s seventh capital within a week as terrorist groups continued to move forward as US troops continued to withdraw from needy countries.

“This afternoon, the Taliban entered the city of Fara after a brief fight with security forces. They occupied the governor’s office and police headquarters,” said Shara Abbar, a member of the Fara Legislature. Quote As AFP Communications says.

Local source Said TOLO news that most of Farah, the capital of Farah, has been hijacked by the Taliban. This includes the governor’s premises and police headquarters.

Fara is now the second provincial city in southwestern Afghanistan and was recently occupied by the Taliban a few days after the group hijacked nearby Nimruz.

On Monday, the group hijacked the northern state of Aybak and its capital, Aybak, according to Lieutenant Governor Mohammad Dawood Kalakani. He claimed that the Taliban “fully controlled” the state.

And two state lawmakers, Abdullah Mohammadi and Ziaudin Zia, were quoted by TOLO News as the Afghan government forces fled without fighting the Taliban.

Explosion in Kabul
Soldiers of the Afghan Armed Forces (ANA) continue to monitor the location of the car bomb explosion yesterday night in Kabul, Afghanistan, on August 4, 2021. (Stringer / Reuters)

“They said the Afghan troops withdrew from the city without fighting,” TOLO said.

Presidential spokesperson Mohammad Amiri said the Afghan government was open following talks with the Taliban, and the government “mobilized and armed” civilians to fight the Taliban after meeting with local leaders and warlords. He said he had decided.

“Unfortunately, the Taliban do not believe in peace talks. Such actions are unacceptable to the Afghan people and government because they are trying to seize power by force,” Amiri added. report Pakistan Express Tribune.

Governments will withdraw troops from difficult-to-defense areas and focus on maintaining major densely populated areas, while authorities will stop Taliban reinforcements and supplies from flowing across porous borders in neighboring Pakistan. I appealed to put pressure on him. Pakistan has denied the Taliban’s support.

North militia commander Atta Mohammad Noor vowed to fight to the end, saying, “My blood resists the last drop.”

“I prefer to die in dignity rather than in despair,” he said on Twitter.

The Taliban have been attacking for the past few weeks after President Joe Biden announced that he would withdraw from the country after the United States stayed there for nearly 20 years. He said the US military drawdown is expected to end by early next month.

Last weekend, the US State Department urged all remaining Americans in Afghanistan to leave the country immediately and warned that government-sponsored flights could become unavailable in the near future.

When asked about the possibility of US intervention in Afghanistan, Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said on Monday. Said That “it’s their struggle.”

Reuters contributed to this report.

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