Taliban pledges to protect humanitarian workers and allow Afghans access to aid: United Nations


The Taliban has promised to protect humanitarian workers operating in Afghanistan and ensure that aid is delivered to Afghanistan in need, UN officials said.

At the request of the Secretary-General, United Nations Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths visited his country. Meet the Taliban’s nominal leader, Mullah Baradar, and other officials of the Kabul administration on September 5.

Griffith spoke with Baradar and his leaders on humanitarian issues and “repeated the humanitarian community’s commitment to provide millions of people in need of fair and independent humanitarian assistance and protection.”

The Emergency Relief Coordinator also emphasized the important role of women in providing assistance and called on all parties to ensure women’s rights, safety and well-being.

He also emphasized concerns about the welfare of Afghan civilians, especially women, girls and minorities, and called for their constant protection.

The Taliban said it would work with the humanitarian community to ensure that support was provided to the people of Afghanistan, according to a statement by UN Secretary-General spokesman Stephen Dujaric.

Taliban authorities also promise to ensure the safety and security of humanitarian staff, humanitarian access to people in need, and freedom of movement for humanitarian workers, including both men and women. bottom.

Mr. Dujaric will have more meetings in the coming days, and Griffith is also a humanitarian organization, both a UN agency and a non-governmental organization remaining in Afghanistan, to express his gratitude on behalf of the United Nations. Said he was going to meet with a representative of

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On September 4, 2021, women gathered to claim rights under Taliban control during a protest in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Kathy Gannon / AP photo)

Secretary-General Antonio Guterres will also hold a “High-Level Ministerial Conference to Address the Growing Humanitarian Needs in the Country.”

“Urgent financing is needed to continue humanitarian efforts. The United Nations continues to be in solidarity with the people of Afghanistan,” Dujaric said in a statement.

Last month, Guterres warned of the impending “humanitarian catastrophe” in Afghanistan following the withdrawal of the United States and called on the international community to provide “flexible and comprehensive funding” at “the most needed time.” rice field.

The UN Secretary-General said that nearly half of Afghanistan’s population (18 million) needs urgent humanitarian assistance to survive.

“One in three Afghans does not know where their next meal will come from. More than half of children under the age of five are expected to be severely malnourished next year. People are basic every day. Goods and services are no longer accessible. A humanitarian catastrophe is imminent, “Guterres said.

According to the United Nations, the United Nations has provided assistance to 8 million people this year, delivering food to 80,000 people and relief supplies to thousands of refugees in the past two weeks.

However, severe droughts and harsh winter conditions on the horizon mean that extra food, shelter, and health supplies need to be urgently and urgently tracked to Afghanistan.

Afghanistan and the international community have been sentenced to death, arrested and detained, despite the Taliban’s pledge to cooperate with the United Nations and pledge to run the country more gently than when it last came to power 20 years ago. In his report, he remains skeptical of such claims. And threats.

The future of aid missions in countries under the Taliban remains a source of concern for the United Nations and aid groups, but are some relief organizations discussing with delegations to continue their activities? I have previously confirmed with AFP that it is safe. Warranty for existing programs.

Catabella Roberts