Tamara Rich does not deserve the humiliation she suffered


The world is naturally and legitimately obsessed with the reckless and cruel aggression of Ukraine. And for most of the last 100 years, Ukraine has been the place of terrible atrocities imposed by Communism and its most barbaric tyrant Stalin, to anyone who has even the mildest taste of history. You know Putin is doing his best to offer some competition to the perverted butcher.

We are not going to bypass this moment and will have time to make many comments about the great and tough moments we are enduring. But it is also to pay attention to our own actions, even in such harsh times, and perhaps even in such harsh times. Scale does not give permission to avoid more local anger.

Following the enforcement of emergency legislation (no justification, and certainly my judgment not publicly justified), Canadian authorities swept away truck driver protests in Ottawa with speed and power. Recall that this act came under the flimsy claim that the protest was aimed at “overthrowing the government.” I couldn’t imagine a stupid excuse.

There was even speculation that there was probably a “Russian” behind CBC, a venerable but highly weakened national broadcast service. The dark Sir Putin reached out to Red Deer and Weiburn, pointed west, and operated a convoy for his evil purposes. The single flag, the South Army flag, has become a point symbol for many media reports.

But for reporters who haven’t had a hard time from their point of view, that is, reporters who actually went down the streets of Ottawa to meet and mix with the “rebels,” such warnings are not the poorest justification. was. This wasn’t 1917. What they said: Protesters of orders and orders from the federal government that made their livelihood. And they acted without any politeness, cheers, patriotism, politeness, and violence, like the serious protests of the last decade.

So when Mr. Trudeau dropped the volley, calling him a racist or homosexual, his political dance partner, Jagmate Singh, weighed even more recklessly, and columnists were under their vocabulary. Reaching for the drawers, they declared them Job and Rout. At least some coverage of the significant overshoot of the state of emergency.

It wasn’t justified. However, it came into effect, the “occupation” was resolved, leaders were arrested or intimidated, the protesters’ bank accounts were frozen as if they were “terrorists”, and some were sent directly to prison. ..

Perhaps the first to see the iron rod from the inside was Tamara Rich, one of the organizers of the convoy. I don’t know Mr. Lich, but I followed her on her Twitter during her “riot”. I was impressed with the stability of her post and her calmness. She had never heard of a “call to weapons”, police taunts (essential for all other types of protests), incitement to violence, and calls. “Direct action” (black bloc euphemism for vandalism, street mayhem, and physical assault).

However, when she was taken to court, she was denied bail. If I’m wrong, say it differently. However, Rich did not commit or incite violent behavior. She was not arrested with a gun or for shooting. This is a common reason for being arrested in many Canadian cities and is a recurring offense for which bail is granted.

However, he is not Rich. She was once regarded by a judge who was a federal liberal candidate who was too dangerous to bail. She was imprisoned for the time being.

On March 2, she reappeared at the second bail hearing. And here is the difficult part.

She was tied up with a chain of legs and taken to court. What was that, and who ordered such wickedness?

Was this woman dangerous to the court? Was she expected to jump on the guards and rush the bench? Did she have to be tied up even at her bail hearing because she was so dangerous to the Canadian province?

Sweet, sweet Canada witnessed such a pathetic overreaction.

The judge ordered him to remove the bondage that he might praise.

As I said at the beginning, it’s a small thing in this age of global ignorance, but it shouldn’t go through. Mr. Rich is of better value and our judicial system needs to respond to the humiliation and abuse of the public before her case is heard, in order to give the word that it is not worth it in this case.

And it’s not a coincidence. She has been charged with mischief.

mischief! While the gang shooter was immediately released on bail and danced back to the street, the woman exercising her right to protest democracy was denied her bail and walked around in a chain to court hearings.

That’s very wrong.

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Rex Murphy


Rex Murphy is a writer and columnist and former host of CBC Television and CBC Radio.