Tandem skydivers lose control of the parachute and plunge into the ground, Wisconsin police say


Tandem Sky Diver “Loss of control” on their parachute According to Wisconsin authorities, they climbed about 20-30 feet and plunged to the ground.

According to a news release, the Racine County Sheriff’s Office was called to Yorkville around 1:43 pm on Sunday, June 19.

According to officials, a 28-year-old woman in Racine and a 49-year-old woman in Chicago crashed after losing control of a deployed parachute during a tandem skydiving with Skydive Midwest.

According to a news release, they were found in a life-threatening injury and flew to a local trauma center.

The updated terms are not made available to either woman.

Skydive Midwest did not immediately respond to requests for comment from McClatchy News.

Skydiver Tandem diving with an instructor According to the company’s website, you will get off the plane from 14,500 feet above.

“You can spend up to 60 seconds on a freefall and fall back to Earth to reach speeds of over 120mph,” says Skydive Midwest. “Once the parachute is deployed, enjoy a 5-7 minute ride with views of the Lake Michigan, Milwaukee, and Chicago skylines. If the conditions are right, you’ll even be given the opportunity to fly the parachute.”

Skydive Midwest is based in Sturtevant, about 8 miles southeast of Yorkville and 30 miles south of Milwaukee.

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