Tasmania reduces booster intervals to 3 months

The Tasmanian Government has set booster shot intervals from 4 months Three monthsFollow the advice from the Australian Immunity Technology Advisory Group (ATAGI).

Tasmanian Health Minister Jeremy Rockliff said the change will take effect from February 1st, and about 66,000 Tasmanians will be eligible for booster shots to boost immunity to COVID-19. ..

Currently, more than one-third of Tasmanians over the age of 18 have booster shots.

However, the minister reminded Tasmanians that “there are still 60,000 people over the age of 50 who do not have boosters and remain more vulnerable to the potentially serious consequences of COVID.”

“Experiences in other countries and around the world have shown that boosters are the best way to boost your immunity and protect yourself, your family, and your community from Omicron variants. “Rockliffe said.

In the last two weeks, pharmacies and GPs have vaccinated 55,000. This is the highest number in the state since the start of deployment.

However, Rockliffe urged Tasmanians not to be complacent.

“I would recommend all Tasmanians to book a booster when the second vaccination was given and when the three-month milestone arrives.”

Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt December 24 Following advice from ATAGI, the federal government will carry forward booster shot eligibility from January 4th to 4 months and January 31st to 3 months.

Hunt said the change would open a new cohort.

“That is, from about 3.2 million qualified today to about 7.5 million qualified as of January 4,” Hunt said at a press conference.

“That means the cohort has expanded. It will be expanded again to three months on January 31st and will be offered to 16 million Australians eligible at that time. And we’ve been saying As we have done, eligibility is the beginning of access. “

Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly said the best evidence that ATAGI got for protection was between 3 and 4 months.

Tasmania has shortened the booster shot interval following South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland.. Moreover, Australian metropolitan area We made the same adjustments last week.

Western Australia (pdf) And that Northern territory I still manage booster shots every 4 months.

effective January 25In Tasmania, there were 643 new cases with 35 hospitalizations.

Marina Chan


Marina Chan is a Melbourne-based Australian reporter with a focus on Australian news. Contact her at [email protected]