Tasmania reopens borders with most states in mid-October


Australia’s smallest state has announced plans to welcome travelers from low-risk states and territories of COVID-19 from mid-October.

Prime Minister Peter Gutwein said Friday that people from all over the country except Victoria will be able to enter Tasmania within a month.

“We will not open the door to high-risk areas until we are confident that all eligible Tasmanians over the age of 12 have had the opportunity to be vaccinated,” he added.

The island nation continues to close the door to Victoria, but next week it will monitor the status of COVID-19 in New South Wales.

Gatwan hopes Tasmania will reach 90% of vaccination coverage by December and open with confidence in summer and Christmas, but the state has recorded only one case of COVID-19 this year. Is not … One case was a New South Wales traveler who tested positive during hotel quarantine more than 50 days ago.

“I said it was a race last week and it’s a race,” Gatwan said.

Over 54% of Tasmanians over the age of 16 have been vaccinated twice, and 73% have been vaccinated first.

Starting Friday, Tasmanians returning from the New South Wales region return a COVID-19 negative test before traveling and live alone in a suitable home while quarantining at home as part of a 30-day home quarantine test. is needed.

However, if the public health order changes, the resumption plan may be canceled at any time.

“I would like to emphasize that I would not hesitate to change this decision whenever there is advice in these jurisdictions that the situation is changing and the risk is increasing or too high,” he said.

As of Friday, half of Australia’s population over the age of 16 has been vaccinated, and nearly three-quarters have been vaccinated at least once.

The Australian Capital Territory, which remains closed, as in New South Wales and Victoria, boasts the highest double dose rate of 59.5%.

In New South Wales, 57.8% of the population is fully vaccinated, while Victoria and South Australia account for about 46.5%. Queensland and Western Australia are hovering at 44%.

Outbreaks in New South Wales and Victoria continue to rage on Friday with more than 1,700 new cases in Australia’s most populous state.

Australia’s four-step route to reopening the country is likely to end the blockage almost completely once the country achieves an immunization rate of 80%, lowering state borders and resuming overseas travel. Is shown.

Vaccine rollout coordinator John Fluen said on Friday that Australia would receive a full allocation of 11 million Pfizer and Moderna mRNA vaccines in October, despite concerns about shortages.

Nina Nguyen