Taylor Lautner is married, and his wife’s name could be very awkward

“Twilight” Star Taylor Lautner Married to someone with a name that can disrupt social outings.

Lautner said last week’s “The Kelly Clarkson show. “

Lautner showed off a picture of her 2021 proposal to Dom, a nurse she’s been reportedly dating since 2018, in front of a neon “Lautner” sign.

“I love having neon signs that say, ‘Are you interested in this last name?'” said Clarkson.

“We already share one name, so it’s going to be even more complicated,” says Lautner.

“We are literally going to be the same person.”

Lautner also explained to the host that he and his fiancé should keep it “very simple or complicated” when referring to each other.

He elaborated that he goes by his full name, while Dom goes by “Tay.”

“Or many just [say] “Boy Tay” and “girl Tay,” added Lautner.

You can watch the rest of the interview with Lautner and Clarkson below.

Lautner’s future wife isn’t the only Taylor he’s ever paired with.

Lautner had a brief relationship with the ‘Lover’ singer Taylor Swift It all started when the two filmed Valentine’s Day, a rom-com featuring two celebrities in 2009.

The pair broke up the same year and Lautner claimed he was the inspiration behind Song of Swiftback in december

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