Teachers, firefighters, police and nurses oppose vaccination obligations in Australia

According to Union, teachers have been bullied, vaccinated, and some teachers have committed suicide.

A group of Australian teachers, firefighters, police and ambulance officers, nurses, correctors, and military veterans oppose the COVID-19 vaccine obligation, which forces much from their work to serve the community. doing. Meanwhile, a Queensland teachers union said school staff experienced bullying by colleagues because they were not vaccinated.

The group, which spokespersons said on behalf of about 7,000 public service professionals, gathered at King George Square in Brisbane on February 2 to march towards the state legislature and the Queensland government’s vaccine. I vowed to return within two weeks to inform those in power of my obligations. It is hurting not only ourselves, but the communities in which they serve.

“We are here to serve the community. We are not a small company that will lose profits and shareholders. Our role is to contribute to the community. Therefore. It’s not just us that’s affected, it’s the community, “Helena, the United Service Front movement, told The Epoch Times.

“That’s the point of United Service. [Front movement] Gathering is to bring this message to the fore. In fact, these obligations may be depriving people of employment, but they are actually taking people out of the community who are serving the community.

“Who is there to serve the community when these people are healthy, motivated, ready and capable and can’t work even though they want to get back to the work they love. Are you going? “She said.

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On February 2, 2022, a group of teachers, firefighters, nurses, police, rescue workers, and workers in the resource sector held a rally in Brisbane, Australia, against the COVID-19 vaccine obligation. (Screenshot by Epoch Times)

Send a message wearing industry colors (yellow for teachers, red for firefighters, blue for police, green for rescuers, white for nurses, light blue for correction services, orange for mining and resources departments) did. “We’re probably far more than they’re trying to admit,” he told One William Street, the headquarters of the Queensland government.

Helena said experts from various public services sectors have formed a united front to avoid harmful vaccination prevention labels. She said they were a mixed group of people who did not want the COVID-19 vaccine and those who were vaccinated but did not support their obligations.

“By uniting as a group, we can show who we are, that we are here and ready to work, and that we are one big support network. We can show that, “Herena said.

Senator vows to oppose all government bills until “freedom is restored”

Speak at a rallyMalcolm Roberts, Senator One Nation, Queensland, has vowed that he and Senator Pauline Hanson will vote against all government bills until all COVID-19 obligations are lifted.

“We will continue to support you, Paulin and me. We will continue to support you. We will oppose all government bills in Congress until freedom is restored,” Roberts said. .. Said at the rally..

Senator Malcolm Roberts discusses financial law
Senator Malcolm Roberts said the 2019 Treasury Act amendment (Australia working for tax relief will hold more money) bill in the Senate at the Capitol in Canberra, Australia on July 4, 2019. Discuss about. (TraceyNearmy / Getty Images)

Roberts urged the crowd to remember that when they went to vote, what he said was “hypocrisy”, factual contradictions, lies, and corruption between the federal and state governments.

“There is no death pandemic. It’s about coercion and control, it’s about money for big companies, so all we have to do is everyone here, including me. We are responsible for this because we voted permanently for either the Liberal Party or the Labor Party, “he said.

“They take us for granted, and recent parliaments have not held accountability to the government. They do not serve people. They are the parties and their power brokers, and their main. Working for sponsors and donors. Therefore, in the next election, think about it in the state or federation. Put the majors last and the minor parties first. “

A teacher allegedly bullied by a colleague

The rally was also attended by the Red Union, which represents teachers, nurses, professional drivers, medical professionals, police, and independent workers who have lost their jobs due to mandatory vaccines.

Tracy Tully, a member of the Red Union and secretary of the Queensland Association of Teacher Professionals (TPAQ), previously stated that members were experiencing a high level of anxiety as a result of the processing of the vaccination process by the State Department of Education. Told the Epoch Times.

“Teachers are experiencing debilitating email every day, and hundreds of evidences are flowing into TPAQ every day. Normal functionality for teachers is stopped, restored the next day, and stopped the next day again. It’s an endless email to let you know, “says Tally.

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Students will attend a class at Alexandria Park Community School in Sydney, Australia on May 4, 2016. (AAPImage / Paul Miller)

According to Tally, the pattern of email and “endless phone calls” lasted for 10 days, leaving school staff “totally overwhelmed, exhausted, and confused.”

She is said to have had teachers and principals who supported the vaccination obligation bullying staff before the end of the 2021 academic year.

“Last year, after being abused by a colleague’s teacher and principal, he laughed openly and ridiculed his colleague about how to lose his job because he was bullied at work and was not vaccinated. “I put up a sign on the teacher’s classroom door saying” Please don’t enter, “” Tally said.

“I don’t know how that behavior affected the young and vulnerable students in the room taught by the teacher. This is simply not enough. We were surprised in the early 1900s. I took action and violated. “

Union says teachers are feeling suicide

Red Union holds regular zoom meetings and mandates for vaccines to help teachers and school staff navigate difficult terrain initially for a fee and then for free. I am.

“Employees feel forced to be vaccinated to maintain their careers, and even marriage has collapsed at the expense of it,” Tally said.

Union secretaries are concerned about the well-being of teachers vaccinated to save marriage and work and the spillover effects it may have on students in the classroom.

“I hear it every day [Queensland Department of Education] Staff affected in this way are terribly depressed, and some have expressed suicidal ideation, “she said. “These teachers will stand in front of children with diminished mental and emotional well-being.”

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Education told The Epoch Times earlier that he took employee well-being seriously and provided staff with free confidentiality counseling through an employee assistance program.

“Queensland students and school staff have shown incredible strength and resilience through this pandemic, and they will continue to do so,” said a spokesman.

The state denies a shortage of vaccination duty staff despite a large recruitment

The Queensland government has publicly advertised that there is a “high demand” for school and early childhood staff, but vaccination obligations have led to staff shortages and delayed the start of 2022. I denied that.

Instead, the state quoted a surge in the number of cases of COVID-19 caused by the Omicron variant of the new coronavirus, and the new school year passed the peak of the wave.

According to Tally, the Ministry of Education was desperate to hire foreign teachers and even students who were still studying to fill the labor gap.

“”[The Department of Education] By hiring from other states and abroad, we are desperately trying to supply a reserve of qualified registered teachers to replace teachers who have been suspended due to vaccination mandates, “Tally said. I did.

“Our management has” I advise you to “promote to trainees”. It’s not just a band-aid for problems that have existed for decades and are growing at an alarming rate. “

Queensland Government Website He seems to support Tally’s claim, saying that “there is a high demand for teachers and educators in various educational disciplines and in rural and remote communities throughout Queensland.”

“Whether you’re an experienced career changer looking for a rewarding change or a graduate who is keen on adventure in the countryside or in remote areas, there are many exciting benefits to you. It may be one of the people who need it, “the website says.

Government website Further condition The early childhood education sector is “expanding” and those who are “willing to get the right qualifications” to work in services “while studying” are “in demand”.

Epoch Times Photo
People are lining up to receive the Covid-19 vaccine at the Bunnings Hardware Store in Brisbane, Australia on October 16, 2021. (DanPeled / Getty Images)

Meanwhile, a spokesperson for the Ministry of Education previously had high immunization rates among school-based staff in the Epoch Times, sufficient to ensure that the state continues education in schools in Queensland. He said he had a reserve workforce.

“The Ministry of Health is very pleased with the high immunization rates among those affected by health directions. Approximately 98% of state school teachers are fully vaccinated throughout the state. The department continues to work with the rest of the staff to check vaccination status, ”said the spokesman.

“Across the state, this department has access to approximately 5,000 fully vaccinated rescue teachers who are ready to work in public schools as needed.”

However, according to Tally, the principal also has many teachers and assistant teachers who have been professionally trained in the union to work with special needs students who need assistance in using the bathroom, eating and taking medicine. I told him it was stopped.

“Without the support staff of these professionals, these students need to be at home,” she said.

United Service Front will hold another rally in Brisbane on February 23rd.

Caden Pearson


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