Teachers in Michigan were suspended after being reported to have told their students how to carry out a shooting at Oxford High School in another way.


Empty high school classroom.

Teachers were suspended on Friday, according to local media.Danforer / Getty Images

  • A Michigan teacher was suspended after saying “shoot and kill the school.”

  • He said the day after a 15-year-old student shot dead four alumni at Oxford High School.

  • One parent allegedly detailed how he changed the shooting at Oxford schools.

Michigan high school teachers have their own version Oxford high school shooting It left four dead last week.

Hopkins High School in Allegan County put an unnamed teacher on vacation on Friday after investigating rumors that he told him how to shoot and kill the school on Wednesday. The local news agency WZZM13 reported.

“Students received insensitive comments about violence and other remarks. These comments were made by one teacher over multiple lesson periods,” said Gary Wood. MLive.com

According to Wood, it was the students who reported the teacher’s comments to the principal of Hopkins High School, Ken Shepansky.

Szczepanski told a local TV station WWMT The school issued a note to teachers advising teachers on how to talk to students about Oxford shooting, but one teacher did too much.

Szczepanski told the station that the comment was “insensitive” and “out of script” from the planned conversation, but said he believed the situation was “contained.”

“If I didn’t feel it was a safe environment for these students, I wouldn’t be in school today,” Szczepanski added.

One parent told WWMT that the teacher gave the students details about how he shot. 15-year-old Ethan Cranby brought a pistol to Oxford High School on Tuesday and fired at the students there.

According to WZZM13, the school notified police of the incident and Michigan police took over the investigation.

in the meantime, Dozens of schools in Michigan closed last week After being shot by Oxford, the threat of at least 100 imitators surfaced, according to law enforcement agencies.

Hopkins High School and Michigan Police did not immediately respond to insider requests for comment.

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