Team GB Shooter’s first Olympic bronze medal “incredible” achievement


Team GB shooter Matt Coward Holly’s bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics men’s trap was an “incredible” achievement, said the principal of his former school.

A Chelmsford-born athlete currently living in Salisbury, Wiltshire, shot 33 out of 40 in the final to take third place, a Czech duo of gold medalist Izzy Liptack and silver medalist David Costereki. Finished behind.

The 26-year-old was an independent Felsted School student near the Brain Tree in Essex from the age of 11 to his mid-teens.

School principal Chris Townsend said he was “very proud” of Coward Holly’s achievements at his first Olympics.

Team GB Shooter Matt Coward-Holly
Matt Coward Holly is active in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo on July 29, 2021. (Mike Egerton / PA)

“I’m very proud and very happy to see him competing at the absolute pinnacle of his country. He has a medal to take home with him. I’m happy to be there, “he said.

“That’s great news and I look forward to supporting him for money in the next few years.”

He said the “nice young man” coward Holly was an avid rugby player until he injured his back and gave up sports.

“He wasn’t the person you would have chosen as a future Olympic athlete when he was in school,” Townsend said.

“He was suffering from an injury and was enjoying rugby because he suffered a severe back injury. At that point he turned his hand to shooting a little more seriously. The rest of the story is clearly very much. It’s a rare story. “

He says the coward-Holly showed “steel nerves” in the “brutal” form of the final and believes he will have “a lot of fun” at the upcoming Olympics.

Team GB Shooter Matt Coward-Holly
Matthew Coward Holly won the bronze medal at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics held in Tokyo on July 29, 2021. (Mike Egerton / PA)

Coward-Holley’s partner Augusta Rose Campos-Martyn said he was a “very ambitious athlete” prior to the finals.

Campos-Martyn, a professional archer and international competitor to Puerto Rico, said:

“But he is also incredibly humble and realistic.

“When he isn’t training himself, he helps other young athletes coming through the sport.”

Coward-Holly had the ambition to become a professional rugby player, but was forced to give up sports after breaking his back twice as a teenager.

He stopped shooting at the age of 12 to focus on his rugby career, but returned to sports at the age of 16.

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