Ted Cruz Aims for Marriage Equality: SCOTUS “Clearly Wrong”


Ted Cruz

Ted Cruz

Texas State Senator Ted Cruz has made it clear that he believes the Supreme Court should overturn the groundbreaking decision that established marriage equality in all 50 states.

In a podcast verdict with Ted Cruz, Texas Republicans discuss the possibility of overthrow Obergefellv. HodgesThe 2015 Supreme Court ruling that an established state cannot deny the right of same-sex couples to marry.

Cruz has long criticized the ruling, even saying that in 2015 the state should ignore it. However, after a shocking ruling from a more conservative court that overturned 1973, there was new concern that marriage equality would disappear. Roe v. Wade decision. Judge Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court who wrote his own objection in 2015 Obergefell, Signaling a review of many other decisions, including same-sex marriage decisions, Lawrence v. Texas (In 2003, overturned the anti-sodomy law..

The Texas Junior Senator apparently can’t wait. In his podcast, he told his co-host Michael Knowles: Obergefell It was vulnerable now.

“Like the Roe v. Wade case, Obergefell ignored the second century of our country’s history. Marriage has always been a problem left in the state,” Cruz said. “We saw the state before Obergefell It was working. Some states were working to allow gay marriages. Other states were working to allow civil partnerships.There were various standards adopted by the state and the court did not rule. ObergefellThe democratic process would have continued to work.

“If you believe gay marriage is a good idea, the Constitution’s way to move that position forward is to convince your fellow citizens. And if you convince your fellow citizens. If you succeed, your state will change the law to reflect those views, “he added.

He reiterated the long-standing conservative belief that the court had gone beyond that decision.

“of Obergefell, The court said no, we know better than you, “he said. “Now all states have to sanction and allow gay marriages. I think the decision was clearly wrong when it was decided. It was a court overkill.”

But even though Thomas wrote: Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization, Those who have waived their guaranteed right to access to abortion Obergefell..

“of DobbsWhat the Supreme Court said egg It’s the only case that involves killing humans, and it’s different because it’s qualitatively different, “he said. “I agree with the proposal.”