Ted Cruz booed by Houston Astros fans at World Series parade

Houston Astros Fans gathered in the streets of the city on Monday to celebrate their team’s achievements world series victory over Philadelphia Phillies.

But some people seemed more enthusiastic about the boos Senator Ted Cruz Rather than rooting for the Astros to win.

For some reason, Republicans in Texas drove to the parade.

Numerous videos filmed at the parade show Cruz being brutally booed by thousands of people.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users were thinking about the rather negative reaction the Texas senator received from his hometown residents.

Cruz wasn’t the only Texas politician to strike out with an Astros fan.

Lieutenant Dan Patrick was also sincerely booed, According to the Houston Chronicle.

One Twitter user even compared the two conservative politicians to “fly on food,” while another said: “Assholes have to stink everything.”

The Chronicle said Cruz was also booed when he attended a playoff game between the Astros and Yankees in New York.

This article originally appeared on huff post and updated.