Ted Cruz confirms facts on Fox News over “domestic terrorist” lies

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) has been fact checked Fox news Wednesday after he falsely claimed- Also -The US Attorney General Merrick Garland He called his parents “domestic terrorists.”

Cruz told Fox News about Republican Glenn Youngkin’s victory in the Virginia Governor’s election, saying one of the reasons for the Republican victory was that his parents “want to influence and control the teachings of their children.” Insisted.

“The arrogance of Democrats who say’parents can’t control it’, or worse, the Attorney General Joe Biden’s Attorney General calls them domestic terrorists. That was last night. I think it led directly to the results. “

Anchor John Roberts pointed out that Cruz’s remarks about Garland were false.

“Fairly, he said they weren’t domestic terrorists. It was the National School Board Association that said that,” Roberts said.

You can see the exchange around 1:30 below.

Cruz later tweeted a clip from an interview that included his false allegations but not Roberts’ corrections.

The Senator’s office did not immediately respond to HuffPost’s request for comment.

Cruz and other Republican senators Arms crossed that’s all October 4th memo Garland devises a strategy for the FBI and the Justice Secretary to work with local law enforcement agencies to address the rise in harassment, intimidation and violent threats to public school employees and school board members across the country. I instructed you to do it.

This memo does not mention the term “domestic terrorist” and does not cast parents as such.

It was sent a few days after the National Board of Education Association wrote to the President, calling for federal assistance to address the growing threat of harassment and violence against local school members. rice field.That letter Did it NSBA using the term domestic terrorism Apologize later To use that language.

Board meetings are becoming a hotspot for political and often heated debates over how to teach children about mask wear, COVID-19 mitigation strategies, and racism in the United States. , There was a call for help.

At a Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on the Attorney General’s memo last month, Cruz accused Garland of instructing the FBI to “investigate parents as domestic terrorists.” Indignation Garland repeatedly told other Republican senators who made similar claims to him that this was not true.

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