Ted Cruz floods with Cancun jokes after the Texans propose to prepare for the storm

A Winter storm is heading to Texas,in short Senator Ted Cruz Twitter accounts are full of sneaky comments.

Storms are currently producing snowfall, rain and sleet from Colorado and New Mexico to the Great Lakes.

Since Texas is one of the affected states, Cruz provided storm-related tips in a tweet on Wednesday.

This is a kind of standard tweet that politicians usually send during dangerous weather events. But in the case of Cruz, it did not produce a typical response.

Instead, it reminded me of how he in turn abandoned his members during the historic winter storm last February. To cool your heels in sunny Mexican Cancun.

Not surprisingly, Twitter users flooded Cruz’s Twitter page with all sorts of sneaky comments.

Cruz’s winter escape to Cancun remains a painful theme for many. But surprisingly, he didn’t receive the message.

On Tuesday, in a tweet about rising prices, he joked about it.

The reception for the tweet was also great.

This article was originally HuffPost It has been updated.