Ted Cruz reminisces about the ‘gorgeous woman in a halter top’ who sat behind him at Yankee Stadium

Ted Cruz Yankee Stadium

Senator Ted Cruz of R-Texas attends Game 4 of the American League Championship Baseball Series between the New York Yankees and Houston Astros on Sunday, October 23, 2022 in New York.AP Photo/John Minchillo

  • Ted Cruz recalled “a gorgeous woman in a halter top” who sat behind him at Yankee Stadium.

  • He said on the podcast that he told himself not to get caught on camera watching women.

  • Cruz said a friend who was sitting next to him referred to “using the expression ‘she has a lot of land,’ in the words of Monty Python.”

Things got weird when Senator Ted Cruz’s podcast on Wednesday reminisced about “a gorgeous woman in a halter top” sitting behind Yankee Stadium during Game 4 of the American League Championship Series. .

During “The Verdict,” a Texas Republican recalled how she had to be reminded to look forward throughout the game so as not to get caught by cameras looking the wrong way at women. .

Mr. Cruz, who is married with two daughters, said a friend wrote, “‘She’s got a lot of land,’ to paraphrase Monty Python.”

“So he said to me, and I’m like, ‘Okay, all you need is one video of me turning around and my eyes moving down,'” he said. “There are 24 frames in a second. For 1/24th of a second I’m looking down. That’s their image.”

“I have to admit, the whole damn game I’m like, ‘Look forward. Or turn around and my eyes are up, shit,'” he said.

Cruz cheered on the Houston Astros as they advanced to the World Series at Yankee Stadium.his visit After some Yankee fans greeted him with hand gestures and four-letter words, he received a lot of attention. However, he said the media portrayal of his welcome was “the very definition of fake news.”

He said that maybe 30 or 40 people “proposed him to do something that was anatomically impossible” and called one man who yelled at him an “idiot”, but probably a Yankee fan and 150 “You had these big New Yorkers hugging me and we were taking selfies the whole time.”

The woman behind him was “actually a very nice person,” he said, taking a selfie early in the game.

“It used to be. She was wearing a jacket or something. She was like a fan behind me…she wasn’t,” he said. .

Cruise famously created a social media frenzy in 2017. His Twitter account appreciated a tweet containing pornographic contentHe blamed it on an accident by a staff member.

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