Ted Cruz ridiculed, claiming that the Republicans had never tried to squeeze into the Supreme Court

& Lt; p & gt; Senators Graham and Cruz oppose the expansion of the Supreme Court at a press conference & lt; / p & gt; (Getty Images)

Senators Graham and Cruz oppose the expansion of the Supreme Court at a press conference

(Getty Images)

Ted CruzGas lightBecause the Republicans have never tried to “tamper with the game” by resizing the Supreme Court. Democratic Party Introduce a law that extends the court to 13 judges.

Republican Senator of Texas has been accused of inconsistent with his position since the delay in justice in 2016 Antonin Scalia Mr Cruz died unexpectedly, supporting an unprecedented blockade of parties in the Supreme Court, claiming that the High Court had eight members for 11 months.

Critics accused Democrats of “grabbing power” by introducing a bill at a press conference in front of the Supreme Court on Thursday with fellow replicans Lindsey Graham and Marsha Blackburn. It happened later.

“When we were in control of the Senate, we didn’t see Republicans trying to tamper with the game. We didn’t see us trying to squeeze the court,” he said. ..

The bill in question proposed increasing the number of Supreme Court judges to 13 by Democratic senators Ed Markey and others. It states that this is a necessary step to bring the balance back to court.

The Democratic Party said the current court structure was unsustainable, with three judges under the administration of former president Donald Trump.

Mr Cruz accused Democrats of being “fundamentally corrupt” by trying to change the rules to “maintain power.”

“They behave like corrupt politicians. And, by the way, just a few years ago, Republicans were in the same position — we were all here in 2017. Republican President, Republican There was a Republican house in the Senate. We didn’t do this. We could have, “he added.

The press conference was ridiculed on social media as it reminded Mr. Cruz of a previous attempt by the Republicans to change the structure of the court.

“Gaslighting 101 on display here. The Republicans hurriedly sprained their ankles to steal Gimberg’s seats before the election,” said a representative of Bill Pasclar Jr., 9th Parliamentary District, New Jersey.

He said when the late Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg died in 2020 and Donald Trump rushed to fill his seat just weeks before the presidential election, despite Joe Biden’s opposition. Mentioned.

Andrew Kaczynski of KFile also confirmed Cruz’s comment, saying that Senator Texas shared a photo of his previous remarks and said, “We did the exact opposite in 2016.”

“Ted Cruz isn’t as stupid as everyone in this country thinks your followers. We’ll squeeze the court, destroy our country, and keep your party in power. I’ve seen instigating rebellions to help them do. You’re not in the prison parliament, “said another Twitter user.

The Supreme Court is currently made up of a majority of six to three conservative judges.

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