Ted Cruz says vaccine obligations are “authoritarian”, but he supports them in Texas


Ted Cruz

Republican Senator Ted Cruz gestures when talking to media members on the fifth day of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump on February 13, 2021. Erin Scott / Reuters

  • President Biden said federal workers would need to be vaccinated against COVID-19 or be tested weekly.

  • Texas Republican Senator Ted Cruz argues that it is a manifestation of “authoritarianism.”

  • However, US Senators admit that they do not believe that other vaccines are a matter of personal choice.

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When he ran for president in 2015, Senator Ted Cruz said Dismissed about 150,000 federal workers, Eliminate the Ministry of Education and the IRS altogether. But now he defends unelected bureaucrats in Washington, at least with respect to his right to resist pandemic and life-saving vaccines.

“President Biden’s new vaccine obligations to federal officials are a brave example of how the Left is politicizing the science of serving authoritarian instincts,” Cruz said. Thursday press release..

Texas Republican Vaccine yourself Have It is recommended that others follow.. Still, he said, “Americans must maintain their individual freedoms and their right to make medical decisions.”

Biden Directive Provides a loophole. If federal workers refuse to be vaccinated, they can be tested weekly, continue to wear masks, and stay socially distant.

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If COVID-19 was not an infectious disease- More contagious than Ebola, Much more deadly than the flu,and Potential long-term health effects -Senator may have points. Freedom involves the freedom to make bad decisions, good or bad.

But we are dealing with viruses, not personal vices. The vaccines available are incredibly effective and 1/25 chance According to the latest data from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, you will either go to the hospital or die. But they are not perfect-and “Breakthrough“Cases are significantly higher when regularly exposed to unvaccinated populations, which are breeding grounds for new subspecies.

You can drink and die in a free society, at least in the privacy of your own home, but you are not allowed to cruise the interstate highways. Federal and state laws prohibiting drunk driving are in force.

Vaccine needed Of the 2.1 million federal workers in the country, it appears to be a last resort in the wake of delayed vaccination rates and the surge caused by the more contagious Delta variants.But American companies may follow government initiative, Most Americans simply It is recommended to take a shot, State Tekken I have a $ 100 voucher For those who choose to be vaccinated.

In almost every other context, a Texas senator may defend an employer’s right to set employment conditions-in fact, he argued that he had the right to deny it. The basis of sexual orientation.. Every day, people accept restrictions on freedom, from dress to speech, in exchange for money. It is a system that has received overwhelming support from the Republican Party.

Vaccine obligations are also common in Texas.Therefore, the government requires all children attending public schools to receive it. 7 vaccines It covers everything from polio to hepatitis, measles, mumps and rubella. Parents can get tax exemption under certain circumstances, butIn an emergency or epidemic“Texas relies on blunt trauma. If you want your child to go to school, you need to be vaccinated. Otherwise, you will be off limits to the building. For infectious diseases, individuals Awareness that choices can influence freely. Of others.

“Of course not,” said Cruz spokesman Dave Basquez when asked if Senators would oppose other vaccine requirements. “Senator Cruz has made it clear that he opposes the COVID vaccine obligation.”

And that is the core. During the pandemic, Cruz and others decided that it was time to turn public health into another battle in the cultural war and confront liberal “authoritarianism” with respect to certain life-saving inoculations. It looks more like politics than a principle.

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