Teen charged with murder for shooting stepfather at Houston’s birthday celebration

A 16-year-old boy in Houston has been charged with murdering a suspect photograph And on Wednesday night he killed his stepfather at a local restaurant.

Houston police said the family had gathered in the Shab Zone of Hong Kong City Mall, 11200 blocks on Berea Boulevard, to celebrate their birthday when the shooting took place after 6 pm. Click2Houston report.

According to investigators, his son-in-law went to the bathroom, returned with a semi-automatic pistol, and shot his father-in-law’s head once. A 48-year-old Asian victim who lived with his family for nearly 10 years died on the scene..

During the shoot, the restaurant was “reached capacity” but reportedly had no other injuries.

The teenager ran away from the restaurant on foot, but the guards who saw him running in the parking lot thought he was trying to avoid paying. A nearby police officer caught up with the teenager and arrested him.

When a call was made about the shooting, the teenage suspect was taken for interrogation and transferred to the HPD Boys Division.

Police did not disclose the suspect’s name and photo because the suspect was a boy. According to him, the motive for his shooting has not yet been revealed. KHOU..

However, officials pointed out that the case was not a hate crime because it was a quarrel between family members.

“Every time I lose my life, it’s a tragedy, but I can imagine how sensitive it is to involving the family.” HPD Assistant Chief Bantian said.

Featured image via KHOU11

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