Teen denied bail in attempted murder of Chicago’s Chinatown chef

An 18-year-old man charged with beating a Chinese-American man into a coma in Chicago’s Chinatown in April has been denied bail.

Thelmaine Patterson, who was arrested last week and subsequently charged with eight felonies, including attempted first-degree murder, is believed to be one of four perpetrators involved in the incident. violent carjacking It happened on the morning of April 7th near No. 25 and South Princeton.

Jin Yut Lew, 61, was robbed, brutally beaten with a blunt instrument and “left for dead” during the assault, his children said. He was found unconscious and spent the next month at his home. coma It is due to traumatic brain injury.

monitoring picture Filmed on the morning of the incident reportedly captured Lou’s car being chased by the stolen vehicle. escape by car.

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Chicago police tracked down the suspect, partly because Lou’s credit card was stolen. On Thursday, they arrested both Patterson and the boy who owned Liu’s stolen car but was not involved in the attack.

Besides attempted murder, Patterson Paid 1 Aggravated Vehicle Hijack, 1 Vehicle Hijack, 1 Aggravated Battery in Victim Over 60, 2 Aggravated Battery Causing Serious Physical Harm, 1 Robbery, Stolen Credits or Using a debit card 1 card.he was denied bail Saturday.

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“I think when something like this happens, it’s very easy for the public to get discouraged as to whether or not the crime is being solved. 11th Ward Alderman Nicole Lee, whose home was just a block away, said. ABC7 Chicago.

Lew’s children, Richard and Alford, a GoFundMe Campaign To help with my father’s medical bills, physical therapy, and home care. They described him as a respected chef who worked tirelessly to feed his family.

“He is a well-respected head chef in the Chinese restaurant community who has given many new immigrants their first start and trained them in his kitchen for over 40 years. It has become a leader in restaurants all over Chicago,” write Richard and Alford.

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In an update, Alford writes that Lew is “improving” and relearning how to walk and speak. However, he still needs 24-hour monitoring and care.

Police are looking for three other suspects. As of this writing, they have not been identified.

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Featured image by Lew Family