Teen drivers hitting cyclists during their “rolling call” face guilty charges in Texas

Officials in Waller County, Texas, announced on Monday that a 16-year-old pickup driver had been charged with felony. Crash into a group of cyclists While trying to blow exhaust into them. The collision sent four bicycles to the hospital.

The Waller District Attorney said his office had charged the driver with six weighted assaults using deadly weapons, one for each biker who collided with the truck. The driver voluntarily surrenders and remains in custody until a juvenile court decision.

On September 25th, a group of cyclists was training for triathlon. The driver started teasing themThe biker said he was spinning his engine to expel exhaust gas to them in what is known as a “rolling call.” When the driver speeded up to reach another group of bikers, he hit six of the eight on board, causing a catastrophe and sending four cyclists to the hospital. Three were seriously injured.

Chase Ferrel, one of the cyclists behind the injured group, Told the Houston Chronicle The driver then got out of the car and asked if he would go to jail.

“You did something really weird and stupid,” Ferrel recalled to Chronicles, adding, “You should go to jail.”

However, the driver was not arrested and his parents appeared shortly after the crash. Police arrived and sent the teen home home without any quote. Encourage a fuss The Washington Post pointed out from the Houston area cycling community.

The driver’s statutory agent told Chronicle that the boy’s confidentiality law prohibits commenting, but “my client and his family continue to pray for the quick recovery of the injured biker.” Stated.

Authorities said they were grateful for the patience of the victims while the investigators were sifting the evidence.

“We want everyone to recover the fastest in their long journey, share roads, comply with traffic laws, and treat each other with the respect they deserve for all of us. “Masu,” says the district attorney. Said..

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