Teen saw father shoot mother dead in California

Los Angeles (AP) — Teenagers in Southern California killed along with her father this week A shootout with law enforcement was with him a day before he fatally shot his mother, police said Thursday.

Fifteen-year-old Savannah Graziano was in the back seat of her father’s pickup truck. shot my mother, Fontana police said on Monday by Tracy Martinez. Eyewitnesses and two videos of her, one from a bystander and another of hers from the doorbell, show her holding still while her mother screams. is showing.

“She’s just sitting in the backseat,” Sergeant. Christian Sargent said in a telephone interview on Thursday.

Authorities had previously said the girl was at another location when her mother was murdered, but was later kidnapped by her father, Anthony Graziano. , showed her in the truck 30 to 60 seconds before the shooting started.

Witnesses didn’t report seeing Savannah get out of the car, Sargent said.

Graziano, 45, shot Martinez multiple times, then turned and opened fire on a nearby car. No one else was hurt.

Sargent said Martinez was able to identify the killer as Graziano before he died, but never mentioned his daughter was there.

Savannah and her father died a day later after a long chase along an interstate highway in the Hesperia desert east of Los Angeles, about 36 miles north of the murder scene. Graziano’s pickup fired his rifle from his truck into the pursuing police officers. Authorities said the gunman shot several times through the windshield of a police car before neutralizing a second vehicle in pursuit.

Graziano died in his truck, and Savannah, wearing tactical gear and a helmet, was shot dead as he ran towards the deputies in a hail of gunfire. Authorities are investigating whether she was shot by her congressman, her father, or both.

The state attorney general’s office is investigating the shootout because it involved the death of a minor. Fontana’s detectives, meanwhile, have yet to identify a motive for the killing.

Investigators later searched the family’s Fontana home— Graziano and his daughter moved in a few weeks ago — and the Graziano storage unit. A number of his AR-15 style rifles, handguns, thousands of rounds of ammunition, smoke grenades and other tactical equipment were found inside the storage pod, Surgent said.

The firearm was legally owned by Graziano, who was not on probation or parole. Savannah’s brother told investigators that her brother grew up around guns.

Authorities say they have police video of the highway shootout but have not released it, showing Savannah in a pickup truck just before her mother was killed. He hasn’t released a single video.