Teen surfers ride a memorable wave to Tokyo

Before Caroline Marks Having won her first surfing contest, there was simply this long before her sport won the spot at the Tokyo Olympics when it debuted at the Olympics: trying to impress her brother ..

That’s what invited her to the waves.

Marks House’s backyard in Melbourne Beach, Florida grew up like a fun carnival with trampolines, homebrew motocross tracks, basketball courts, and skateboarding rooms. However, there was even greater attraction directly across the street. In the sea, breaking waves were always beckoning her brother.

So she was a more horseback riding rider at the time, trying to take part in the fun of surfing. She immediately said from Tag Along Grom —The little kid who surfs better than you — joins the World Surf League, which highlights her current competitor’s role in surfing hands. Issued the first Olympic medal..

“My brothers have a big influence on how good I am today,” he said. 19 year old mark, Two older brothers, two younger brothers, one younger sister. “I owe them all. I really wanted to impress them and make them think I was really cool.”

Reference: They didn’t think she was annoying.

“Caroline has always been cool for us,” my brother Luke wrote in an email. “She was’one of the boys’ from the beginning. I loved surfing with her.”

She remembers riding the waves at the young age of three (with a photo to prove it). But in reality, she had the vision of making waves in another sport, the rodeo. Her specialty is barrel racing, with horses and riders running in patterns around the barrel at the fastest speeds. Still, the sea always fascinated her, even when she was riding a horse.

“I was always talking to my mother about this, and she seems to be’surprised that you didn’t start surfing earlier,'” Marks said. “Because I always take my horse to the water.”

As a family legend goes —Recorded by brother Luke in a recently released Red Bull movie titled “That’s Caroline”— One summer there was a big wave storm and Marks always chased her brother to the beach.

During the summer she improved rapidly and her family changed from “Wow, she’s pretty good” to “Wow, she’s really good” and “Wow, she’s great.”

This rise was not a surprise to Luke, who told the movie about his sister.

“She has that gift to a place where she can start and succeed in a new sport tomorrow,” Luke writes.

Her way was really dangerous:

At the age of 11, she had a surfing American prime under the age of 12. This is the top amateur title in the United States.

At the age of 13, she turned professional (traveled with one of her parents).

At the age of 15, she Became the youngest surfer to qualify On the World Surf League Championship Tour, we competed with surfers with posters on the walls.

“I was starred by all of them and was very close,” he said in a recent partnership with the American Optometric Association (AOA).Eyes deserve more “ motion. “That’s a great thing I’m doing. I surf with all the heroes, compete with them and try to beat them. It’s a lot of fun.”

She won the Rookie of the Year on the 2018 Championship Tour and won her first victory Championship tour event Next season.

It helps her ripping (surfing term, stands for immense ability) and towards something she can hardly even understand, Represents Team USA. Her family was on Maui in December 2019. Provisional qualification For Tokyo.

“Everyone I love most, my family and friends supported me,” she said. “It’s been so many years and I’ve been very impressed. It’s definitely the best feeling I’ve ever had. It gives me the chills to talk about it. It’s very cool.”

Then there is this idea. You could win the first Olympic medal in her sport.The tournament will be held at Fishing beach— About 40 minutes from Tokyo —During the competition period from July 25th to August 1st.

“To make such a history and have the opportunity to represent my country? Yeah, it’s all insanely exciting,” said Marks, whose family moved to San Clemente, California, to boost his surfing career. Said. “It’s crazy that those words come out of my mouth.”

The sea has long been her sanctuary, her escape. Whenever she is rut, her mom tells her to dive into the water.

“She always says,’I need a saltwater spray,'” Marks said. “(The sea) will soon make you feel better and happy. That’s what I’m thinking about when I wake up in the morning and what I’m thinking when I go to bed. It’s certainly my happy place. . “

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