Teenage girl and her Great Pyrenees fend off mountain lion attacks, Nevada officials say

A cougar attacked a teenage girl and her dog outside Reno, Nevada, wildlife officials told news outlets.

was 14 walk with her great pyrenees In the early hours of November 10, in the Virginia Foothills area, far south of Reno, a mountain lion tangled with a mountain lion, the National Wildlife Service said in a November 17 release, TV station KOLO reported.

Surrounded by dry hills on the outskirts of the city, human development is relatively sparse. Virginia Foothills community.

Rarely human and cougar dating Outside of each other’s nature, it’s often in suburbs like this, where concrete meets wild and cities squeeze into their territory.

girl and her dog Officials told KRNV that he suffered scratches and abrasions during the struggle, but no major injuries.

Cougars rarely attack people, a person with a big, powerful dog by his side seems even less attractive. It’s not clear why the cougar targeted them, wildlife officials said.

authorities later caught a mountain lion He was then euthanized, KTVN reported.

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