Teenagers in the Charlotte area head to the Scripps National Spelling Bee final in Florida

Believe in the power of Parker.

Three Sanga Jura Wearing a lucky black zip-up sweatshirt, Waxhaw spelled the two words correctly and knew the meaning of the third word in the Scripps National Spelling Bee semifinals to reach the final on July 8.

A 14-year-old woman from Marvin Ridge Middle School in Union County joins 10 other spellers at the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex in Orlando, Florida.

The last Charlotte area student to reach the National Spelling Bee Final Randolph Middle School Akshura Paimagam 2017. She finished in 23rd place overall. There were no Scripps champions in North Carolina.

Sunday night semi-finals, such as qualifying and quarter-finals, were virtually held. The finals in Florida will take place directly. This is a change from the previous year when the final was held in Washington.

In the seventh round of the bees, Threesan spelled “Cavatappi” and chose the correct meaning of the adjective “xirotomas”, which means “can go through a tree.”

In the ninth round, Three Sun secured his position in the final by correctly spelling “slow”.

His lucky hoodie is an oversized Microsoft sweatshirt given by his mother, Smitha Vangamudi, at a work meeting. Backed by the Carolina Panthers, Three Sun has been wearing it since winning the school’s spelling bee in December.

He told observers last week that he read the dictionary page by page and studied stems and language rules during quarantine and distance learning. Three-San, a sophomore in middle school, knew this would be his last chance to compete in the country’s bees and said he wanted to win terribly.

What’s the secret to becoming a great speller? He and many of the 30 semi-finalists write the words for each competition in the palm of his hand with his fingers on Sunday night. This helps him visualize each word and explain the lurking digraphs.

Besides preparing Spelling Bee, Three Sun likes playing tennis, video games, reading, and creating meaningful projects with friends. He and his classmates are working on a research project to analyze the decomposition of plastics. Considering himself an environmentalist, Three Sun wants to find a way to break down plastic faster.

The pandemic has stopped the competition in 2020. Eight unprecedented spellers won the championship in 2019

View Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals

what: Eleven spellers compete directly. The contest maintains the “meaning of words”.

Where: ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex, Orlando, Florida.

when: Thursday, July 8th, 8pm

TV set: ESPN2

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