Teens involved in the New Jersey Mall battle speak after the video caused anger

Video of two teens Finding Inside the New Jersey mall, anger exploded after two police officers intervened. One teen was allowed to sit on the couch, the black teen was handcuffed, and both officers fixed him to the ground.

Eborn, a black teenage mother, asked not to use her surname, but her eighth-grade son Z’Kye said he didn’t resist because police handcuffed him.

Z’Kye told CBS News that this experience “made me … feel like they agreed with him. It was inferior to him for me.”

14-year-old Z’Kye said he was trying to prevent a 7th grade friend from being bullied by 15-year-old Joseph.

“I didn’t bully, I made fun of them,” Joseph told CBS News.

Joseph, who asked not to use his name, said he was confused as to why he couldn’t even be handcuffed.

“I was confused as to why they were detaining him instead of me. I even offered to be detained while sitting on the couch. I raised my hand like this and said,” You guys detained me. I can do it. ” She said, “No, because you were calm,” Joseph said.

Both officers are under investigation.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy called the video awkward.

“The investigation still collects facts about the case, but I’m deeply worried about what appears to be racially different treatments in this video,” Murphy said.

Police did not prosecute a teenager who had been banned from Bridgewater Commons Mall for three years.

Mr Eborn said he was accountable to the officers and was worried about his son. She said she had talked to him about being a black man who could be seen as a threat by some.

“You have to get a black American to talk to every boy,” she said.

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