“Temporary” COVID Disaster Compensation for Victorians: Australian Prime Minister

Victorian people who lose more than 20 hours a week due to state government lockdowns are eligible to receive up to $ 500 from the federal government.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on June 3 that he would be eligible to receive $ 325 if he lost less than 20 hours a week, but should not have liquid assets in excess of $ 10,000.

“Australian people whose working hours and income have been significantly affected by the state blockade are eligible for temporary COVID accident compensation,” Morrison said. statement..

“Prompt assistance is given weekly to workers who are unable to attend work and earn income as a result of state-imposed health restrictions that last for more than a week because they live or work in federal-declared hotspots. Will be paid. “

“Payment will be made for restrictions after the second week.”

The State Cabinet will discuss temporary disaster compensation that the states and territories need to agree on June 4.

“What I put in [Victorian] Last night’s acting prime minister was to split both payments into 50-50, “Morison said on June 2.

Alternatively, in these situations, the state always provides business support and we can always agree that the state will provide household support. “

However, while Federal Workers’ Shadow Treasury Secretary Jim Charmers has “in principle” agreed to the Morrison administration’s accident compensation, Chalmers has criticized the federal government’s “delay.”

The Morrison government has previously rejected proposals for new wage subsidies for those affected by the state’s fourth blockade and is now providing financial support to businesses and families in Victoria, with the blockade being others like New South. Wales and Queensland, who claimed to have been in the state for only a week, managed to cover themselves.

“We’ll check details such as eligibility for this payment. We’ll give you your opinion on it, but what we want to see is support for Victorian workers and small businesses. Is to flow into the economy of.

Innes Willox, CEO of the Australian Industrial Group, said the payment could help Victorians struggling during lockdowns.

“This allows many people to pay bills, feed their families, and return some of their lost spending to the economy,” Willox said.

by News CorporationThe Morrison government is proposing to extend its eligibility requirements to the Australian Government’s disaster recovery payment scheme to include people who have lost their jobs due to lockdowns and temporary workers who have been forced to quarantine for two weeks. ..

“I’m not going to anticipate a decision with you today,” said Federal Treasury Secretary Josh Frydenberg. sunrise On June 3rd.

“What I have consistently said at press conferences and elsewhere is that the support provided to Victoria, and in fact other states, is on a nationally consistent basis, which is temporary. And that means it will be done through the existing ones. System “

Frydenberg had previously stated that he could pay for a $ 1,500 pandemic vacation disaster and that there was a “loss carryover” for businesses.

“The economic impact of the epidemic in Victoria is not insignificant, but with a budget just two weeks ago, more epidemics were expected,” he said in a statement. Facebook post May 30th.

On June 3, the Prime Minister reported that he had sent a memorandum of understanding to the Victorian government to build a dedicated quarantine facility on the outskirts of Melbourne. News Corporation..

AAP contributed to this report.

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