Ten blacks were killed just because of their existence.Stupid me, I thought they were real victims

Come and have mercy on the whites. They are the real victims here.

It is essentially a cry of battle that has empowered much of American politics over the last three decades, especially the last fifteen years. It echoes from government agencies to Fox’s “news” set, to the distant strands of the World Wide Web.

Poor white man. They were killed by illegal people, terrorized by Muslims, tyrannical by masks, suppressed by vaccination, canceled by culture, lied by the media, lied by the media. , Deceived by elections, criticized by blacks, “1 for press English.”

Or replaced — expelled from their divine excellence by “others” who become obedient voters for the left of liberalism. So the so-called “great alternative theory” originated in the heat swamp of white supremacist and now has a regular megaphone in Fox in favor of Tucker Carlson.

But it’s not just his message. It was also the message of conservative New York Rep. Elise Stefanik, Florida Senator Matt Gaetz, and Ohio State Senator JD Vance in response to the demographic changes initially predicted a few years ago. Colors make up the majority of the population. When some of us saw the changes and challenges in that prediction, they saw the benefits of instigating a white panic.

So a stupid white boy who believed in exchange theory, who allegedly set foot in a supermarket in Buffalo, New York on Saturday and shot and killed 10 blacks, was shocking and painful, but predictable. .. Indeed, this is not as surprising as last year’s massacre of Asians in Atlanta, the massacre of Latino Americans in El Paso in 2019, or the massacre of African Americans in the church of Charleston in 2015. There was not. People who panic do terrible things.

But yes, come and let us sympathize with the whites. Many certainly sympathize with themselves.

Here’s how to get a country where critical racing theory is prohibited by law, but you can learn great replacement theory by turning on Fox. A place where voting becomes difficult and gun ownership becomes easier. Colin Kaepernick is unemployed and Carlson is not.

As for that, he dealt with the shootings on Monday at his show, and somehow without mentioning the theory of racism that both he and the alleged shooter happened to believe, ” I was able to blame “professional Democrats”.

Garnell Whitfield Jr. was also on TV that day. In a mourning voice, he spoke of the suffering of her family, who lost Ruth, an 86-year-old mother who died in a shooting. “But we’re not just hurt,” he said. “We are angry. This should not have happened. We will do our best to be good citizens, good people. We believe in God. We believe in him. Trust. We treat people politely and even love our enemies. And you expect us to keep doing this over and over again. Forgive and forget me. The people we choose and trust in offices all over the country are doing their best not to protect us, consider us equal, or love us. “

And suddenly you find out that he is speaking from fatigue, including not only him and his family, but America and all of us betrayed by its dreams. “What should we do with all of this anger?” He pleaded, “In all of this pain?”

The question resonated as there was no end over the years. And for the endless years, there was no immediate answer.

But yeah, sure, let’s sympathize with the whites. Never forget who the real victims are.