Tencent Tianmei and Xbox Game Studios have reached a strategic cooperation

Tencent Tianmei x Xbox


The Tencent Tianmei studio group, which has developed well-known mobile games such as “Glory of the King” and “Call of Duty”, has officially announced that it has reached an agreement with Xbox Game Studios not long ago.Strategic cooperation. The two parties will carry out “multi-dimensional, in-depth” cooperation and exchanges in the future to jointly create “excellent game content” and bring “a brand new game sensory experience” to players. Regarding the details of the cooperation, the two sides have not disclosed too much for the time being. The specific content of the cooperation “will meet with global players within this year.”

Taking into account the differences in the platforms that both sides specialize in, there should be the possibility that Xbox works will be mobile or Tencent works will land on Xbox/PC.It’s worth mentioning that Xbox also used Weibo earlier todayHints that Xbox Series X/S is about to land in China. If the first game at that time is blessed by Tencent, it will probably play a significant role in attracting players.