Tennessee Mayor Has No Power to Remove “Vulgar” Anti-Biden Flag

According to the mayor, a blasphemous flag blaming President Joe Biden and his supporters has caused several complaints in a small town in Tennessee.

The flag “(Abusive) Biden and (Abusive) you voted for him” was erected at Manford’s home at least a month ago. According to WREG, CBS series.

Mayor Dwayne Cole said city lawyers investigated the matter and determined that despite a wave of complaints, homeowners were within the right to raise the flag.

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“It’s vulgar. It’s vulgar. It’s a constitutionally protected speech,” Cole said. “If I had the right to let him take it down, I would definitely do it.”

Mr. Cole said he had spoken to a homeowner who had a flag in support of former President Donald Trump in blasphemous words and was told he had no intention of lowering Biden’s flag.

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Such flags, which despise Biden in blasphemous terms, have caused controversy in other parts of the country. The “F *** Biden and f *** you voted for him” flag Fairfield, Ohio,and Jackson, Michigan..

The flag seems to be widely available online, Amazon sells more than one Flag variation..

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