Tennis player Borakova has left Australia for a temporary visa problem, Czech Ministry says

Czech tennis player Renata Borakova left Australia on Saturday, the Czech Foreign Ministry said after her visa complications involved in the turmoil about the handling of the country’s COVID-19 vaccine exemption.

Borakova joined Novak Djokovic, Australia’s number one immigrant detention hotel on Thursday, but had already been admitted to the country and played in the match before his temporary visa was cancelled.

Djokovic decides to challenge the cancellation of the visa, but 38-year-old doubles specialist Borakova decides to leave and the Czech news site takes a long time to wait and does not train in advance. Therefore, I told him not to dispute. Australian Open later this month.

“(Lenata) Borakova left Australia on Saturday based on her own decision to end participation in the tournament due to visa issues,” the Czech ministry said.

“The decision was not based on her expulsion from the country,” it said.

The ministry added that it is waiting for a response from Australian authorities to the diplomatic documents sent on Friday.

Borakova was not vaccinated, but she told that she was exempt from tax when she was scheduled to be vaccinated at the end of last season after getting sick with COVID-19 before Christmas.

She entered the country and played in Melbourne earlier this week prior to the Australian Open, but was subsequently detained at the same hotel as Djokovic.

Borakova describes the experience of landing in custody as an action movie.

“I can’t say they were mean to me,” Borakova was reportedly told by about what she was asking. “But I wasn’t prepared for a way everything would work.”

“Some quarantine practices aren’t fun … I feel like I’m in jail,” she told a news site Friday at the Park Hotel in Melbourne.

She said she couldn’t open the window and there was an escort in the hallway.

ABC News reported that Borakova left for Dubai.

Djokovic said in a legal objection on Saturday that he was denied entry to Australia and was medically exempt from vaccination because he was infected with COVID-19 last month.

In November, the Australian Government published a letter to its local organization, Tennis Australia. Previous infections with COVID-19 were not necessarily the reason for the exemption in Australia.