Tens of thousands participate in protests against vaccination passports in France


French protesters have been on the streets for nine consecutive weeks to again oppose the COVID-19 vaccine passport and mandate.

The French Interior Ministry said 120,000 people nationwide participated in the demonstration. report France24. Last week, about 140,000 people demonstrated.

Authorities told France that three police officers were slightly injured during the clash with protesters24.

Video footage showed numerous protesters in Paris, Toulouse, and other cities.one video Shows protesters clashing with Toulouse officers.

At the time, the ministry said that one weekend in early August, the number of demonstrators in various cities in France exceeded 230,000. These protests arose shortly after the French Supreme Court ruled that the Vaccine Passport Act passed by Parliament was legal.

Protesters also oppose the mandatory vaccinations for all health care workers.

Vaccine passports, called health passes by the government, are required for people to enter restaurants, clubs, and many other public places. Some media outlets have attempted to characterize the demonstration as an “anti-vaccine,” but many protesters say they oppose the vaccine’s passport and obligations, not the vaccine itself.

“This health pass divides the French, I think it’s clear,” said civil servant Sophie Sulas in a protest in Paris a few weeks ago. report Reuters. “And unfortunately, we believe it should be abolished.”

On Saturday, some people were holding a flag saying “No passport, no health pass”.

Vaccine passports have been flagged by various organizations, including free groups of citizens, to build a two-tiered society of vaccination and non-vaccination.

Last week, former French Health Minister Agnes Busan was charged after being accused of “endangering the lives of others” during an early response to the pandemic COVID-19. Byzan, who resigned from the government post in February 2020, Said Euronews will appeal the case, saying “it’s a great opportunity to explain and set a record for ourselves.”

“I do not allow government actions, my actions as ministers, to be tainted when we do a lot to prepare for the global health crisis,” she added.

Earlier last year, before COVID-19, the disease caused by the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) virus spread from Wuhan, China to the world, Bujin said at the time, it was “very low to France.” “risk. She was also accused of not properly preparing France with protective equipment.

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Jack phillips

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