Tensions between the US and Russia have gone in the darkest direction ever

Vladimir Putin.

Vladimir Putin. Illustrated | Getty Images, iStock

The fog of war has already fallen on the border separating Russia and Ukraine.

Just recently, in a day or so, things seemed to be moving in a hopeful direction. Words of withdrawal of Russian troops Continued negotiations to avoid conflicts. But on Thursday, the event went in the darkest direction ever.

Came first Confirmation Russia is merely relocating its troops, has not withdrawn, and is actually Added 7,000 troops recently.Then came the report Cross-border bombardment In eastern Ukraine, each side has accused the other of initiating hostilities.Following this word The Russian Federation sent a chilly written response to a document submitted by the United States three weeks ago in connection with Moscow’s security demands in the region.After that, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia release A statement about the response, indicating that the United States has “ignored” that concern.

Next came the news that Russia had Expulsion Bert Gorman, Deputy Chief of Mission to Russia, Second Senior Diplomat at the US Embassy in Moscow. There was no explanation for this move, and the Biden administration responded by calling it “escalation.”President Joe Biden himself then joined the darkness Tell Reporters said Thursday morning, “my feeling” is that Russia will invade Ukraine “within the next few days.”

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken spoke in front of the UN Security Council, reiterating Biden’s feelings: call The crisis in Russia and Ukraine is a “moment of crisis”.

But the most ominous development of all is content In addition to asking Ukraine and Georgia to refuse NATO membership in a written response from Russia, Reportedly It demands that NATO and US military assets not be stationed in countries that were once part of the Soviet Union, and that NATO’s “military power” be eliminated from all countries that have joined the alliance since 1997.

It can be argued that NATO enlargement is far more advanced than it should be after the end of the Cold War and is contributing in a decisive way to guide us to the brink of today’s war. But that is completely different from suggesting that the United States and NATO will effectively unleash the NATO expansion in 1997. It should be completely non-starter.

This means that war may now be inevitable.

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