Terrorists kidnap hundreds of Nigerian women as sex slaves

Nigeria — According to national politicians, hundreds of women are kidnapped weekly and detained as sex slaves by thief terrorists in northern Nigeria.

Umar Barde, a member of the Nigerian legislative chamber, said in a telephone interview with The Epoch Times that the government was indifferent.

“they [terrorists] “We rape both young and older women, and even teenagers,” said Barde, who represents Kaduna and Chikuon counties in Kaduna.

Large bandits, identified primarily as members of the Fulani tribe, have reportedly wage endless wars against the agricultural communities of northwestern and central Nigeria since 2011.

Epoch Times Photo
Yerima Timothy (R) stands next to a motorcycle delivered to terrorists as part of the ransom of 15 people kidnapped in Kasan-Kogi town in February. (Provided by Yerima Timothy)

The Fula, a large West African ethnic group with more than 20 million members in Nigeria, have been responsible for the “genocide” of thousands of people in Nigeria in recent years. Genocide watch..

“They are targeting members of religious groups,” Stanton wrote in a recent report. He rejects claims by US authorities, including Nigeria’s Ambassador Mary Bath Leonard, that the slaughter is a traditional herder “conflict.”

In a recent strike in Niger, where terrorism occurred frequently on June 29, terrorists killed more than 30 soldiers and police at a mining site in the town of Ajata Aboki, according to local media.

Attackers too Killed 6 civilians and kidnapped 3 foreigners According to the report, he works in the field.

The midnight raid followed a week-long continuous attack by a ransom kidnapping gang 186 miles away in neighboring Kaduna.

Forced marriage

In one recent case, a terrorist riding a motorcycle struck a small rural village in Katya County, known as Kasankogi.

According to Ezekiel Garba, pastor of the Chapel of Good News Church in Kasan-Kogi, they kidnapped 27 residents. There are 21 women and 6 men.

Terrorists killed two residents and threatened to marry a female abductee to a member of the gang within days of demanding 100 million Nigerian naira (US $ 240,818.78), Galva said.

“They used our women to give birth to children, who said they would fight us,” said Galva, whose wife was one of the abductees.

The attack occurred at dawn and lasted for two hours without military intervention, Galva said. Barde said he was less than 15 miles from his nearest military base, the Karapanji Artillery Barracks Kakuri.

According to Galva, a group of 300 terrorists riding motorcycles raided a small rural village at 6:30 am after 30 civilian guards closed from regular night watchmanship.

“They split into the entire village. Some went around all the victories of the Gospel Church in the heart of the town where 15 women participated in the morning fellowship,” he said. rice field.

Epoch Times Photo
Rev. Ezra Shamaki was killed by a robbery terrorist in the town of Kasankogi on June 21st. (Courtesy of the Shamaki family)

“They shot the minister of the church — minister. Ezra Shamaki and another person on the church grounds kidnapped 14 women who couldn’t escape,” Galva said. “Some of the kidnapped women were Rev. Ezra’s wife,” he said.

He added: “Another group chased me, my wife, and my daughter in different places and took them. They later released me and my daughter. My daughter … recently gave birth and mobilized my ransom. I asked for.

“They kidnapped six more. Five women and one man in the village of Gora near us.”

“We told them they couldn’t pay the amount they were requesting,” Garba said. “They have stopped us from going to the farm and we have no source of income,” he said.

Rev. Andrew Galva (whose wife is also detained), a colleague of the Chapel of Good News Church in Kasankogi, told the Epoch Times: Whatever is left. “

Two days before the attack, a similar attack on a complex in a village called Rub in nearby Kajur County on June 19th resulted in the kidnapping of 36 inhabitants.

According to President Jonathan Asake of the Southern Kaduna People’s Union (SOKAPU), they included 31 women.

According to Asake, three people were killed in an attack on Christian worshipers on Sunday morning.

The Epoch Times reported previous attacks on June 5 in the same number of towns of Dogon Noma and Maikori.

In that case, terrorists firing from a helicopter killed 33 people and kidnapped 27. The abductees were mostly women, Asake said on the phone.

“They kidnap women and turn them into sex slaves,” Asake said. “Many women are returning with trauma and many have died after being released.”

Share with terrorists

In Kebbi, about 320 miles away, epoch-time reporter beloved John interviewed villagers who said dozens of women kidnapped in the eastern part of the state were pregnant. ..

“People don’t talk about them,” John said on the phone. “They are afraid of stigma,” she said.

In the nearby Sokoto state, where terrorists are occupying the town and trying to confront their government, husbands are forced to share their wives with bandits and remain silent, according to a reporter who told The Epoch Times.

“They mainly come to town … men demand that their wives be released to them, or they will be killed,” said Mansour Buhari, a reporter who is also a lecturer at Sokoto State University. I did.

“Sometimes they chase every man out of town and rape every woman there,” Buhari said.

Idris Gobir, a former county chairman of Savon Bernie, told The Epoch Times: “Women’s rape by terrorists has become part of the daily lives of Savon Bernie and Isa. [areas]..

Gobir is currently standing at the home of a Nigerian representative to represent Savonbilni.

“On a particular day in a village, they lined up more than 100 women and raped them in front of their husbands,” he said.

In another case in November 2021, Gobir stated that terrorists had gang-raped more than 20 women at a mosque in a town called Arakil in Savonbilni County.

The case was confirmed by Sokoto’s Islamic priest, Sheikh Bello Yabo.

“These terrorists captured women in certain villages and raped them in mosques,” Yabo said on the Internet. He then accused President Muhammad Buhari of failing to protect the citizens of Sokoto.

Authorities ignore queries

Police and officials from the Convention for the Suppression of Trafficking (NAPTIP), the agency that tracks and prosecutes trafficking crimes, did not provide the information requested by The Epoch Times.

In reply to one of the Epoch Times emails, a government official identified as Rosepole said, “We are pleased to inform you that statistics showing trafficking trends are available from the agency’s website.” increase.

The Epoch Times has found the latest figures released by the authorities out of the 1,112 trafficking cases reported on its website in 2021. No cases of sexual slavery have been reported Involve terrorists.

Among them, the U.S. Department of State 2021 Nigeria Trafficking Report This links corruption and lack of coordination between related agencies.

Strengthening terrorist groups

Sex slavery is a predictable strategy by terrorists aimed at repopulating their groups, wrote Washington human rights educator and Christian rights activist Elizabeth Bakreich.

“This is the pattern of terrorism we have seen before,” Bakreich wrote in a text message in The Epoch Times.

“We understand how and why, so we can’t prevent history from repeating, protect innocent people, and help those facing brutal persecution, rape, and slaughter. Why? ”Bakreich said, accusing the silence of the United Nations and other governments.

The Nigerian government is powerless or unwilling to act, wrote Andrew Boyd, a British activist and spokesman for Release International.

“This has a significant impact on Africa as a whole,” Boyd wrote in an email to The Epoch Times.

“A culture of impunity is widespread, and the already terrifying impact on Nigeria and its citizens will be exacerbated,” he wrote.

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