Terrorists target traditional leaders to occupy Nigerian territory

Members of the Northern Central Plateau of Nigeria claimed that terrorists plan to expand their territory by targeting traditional leaders known as “monarchs.”

Terrorists fleeing US-backed Nigerian army airstrikes in the northwest are trying to attack their government by abducting and assassinating local town leaders, according to a lawmaker who told The Epoch Times.

Until recently called thieves, terrorist gangs are not considered to be the official allies of the Islamic State of West Africa or the al-Qaeda-linked group called Ansar.

However, security analysts believe that bandits and rebels may cooperate in crime planning.

Take over the town

According to David Otto Enderi, an international criminal expert at the Center for Security Strategy Research in Geneva, elements of the Boko Haram rebellion relocated some of its troops to northwestern states two years ago.

In Sokoto, the northwestern part of Nigeria, terrorists began hijacking towns and villages last year and now seize more than 200 people.

“Traditionally, in the war when your leader was killed, you were conquered and placed under new rules,” said Simon Mwad Kwon, a member of the Nigerian Legislative Chamber, on a phone call to The Epoch Times. It seems. “

“That’s these things [terrorists] I think it will eventually happen if they are allowed to continue, “Mwadkwon said.

According to the report, at least eight monarchs were attacked between December 15, 2021 and January 16, 2022. Nigerian media..

Two were reportedly killed and six held hostage until the ransom was paid. The attack followed a recommendation by the Nigerian secret police, the National Security Agency (DSS), on December 15, 2021, advising that “very important persons” were vulnerable to attack during the festival. ..

In the latest incident on January 16, armed groups seized Gangbarak, the monarch of Vwan, in the southern suburbs of Jos, the capital of the plateau.

According to the barracks, Barrack was kidnapped around 8 pm on a bright moonlit night in the town of Courou, near the tightly guarded National Institute for Policy and Strategies (NIPSS). Report..

Bullet-blown dwelling

Witnesses told the Epoch Times that the gang was armed with assault rifles and caught the monarch’s car before driving it away.

According to Kuru tribal leader Gann Kim, the monarch refused to speak to the press after his release after the ransom of 3 million Nigerian naira ($ 7,297) was paid.

Three weeks before he kidnapped dozens of motorcycle-riding terrorists, he confiscated a senior monarch. Charles Matoda Cut, Nearby Mang County. They demanded a ransom of 500 million N ($ 1.2 million).

Locals told the Epoch Times that terrorists attacked the monarch’s house in the town of Gindiri at midnight on December 26, 2021 and fired bullets at his residence.

Frightened by the shooting, locals contacted the soldiers at a military checkpoint less than two miles away, but the troops arrived after the terrorists disappeared with the monarch.

Mato was released from prisoners on December 31, but has not responded to inquiries from the Epoch Times since then.

The kidnapper appears to be associated with a prison break at Joss on November 28, 2021.

Prison break releases 262

According to Major Ishaku Takawa, a spokesman for Operation Safe Haven on January 21, troops raided the plateau camp on January 20 and killed three suspected kidnappers.

Takuwa said the three were members of a gangster who attacked the prison.

“Terrorists are believed to have masterminded the recent kidnapping case. [in Plateau state]”Takuwa said.

As the Epoch Times reported in December, six gangsters overwhelmed armed guards and released 262 prisoners at Joss’ Medium Cast Dial Center.

Officials told journalists that Fula militants carried out the attack.

The Fula are one of the largest ethnic groups in Africa. Extremists from Nigerian tribes have been accused of killing thousands of Nigerian Christians since 2009.

The plateau militants were officially classified as terrorists by the Nigerian government in November 2021.

Despite the label, Nigerian Air Force strikes against terrorists have been reported in northwestern states such as Zamfara, but not on the plateau.

Plateau leaders told The Epoch Times that robbery terrorists would punish and mass-murder unarmed civilians.

10 monarchs were killed

As of September 2020, terrorists Killed 10 monarchs In recent years, in Plateau, according to local officials and media reports.

In July 2016, Lazaroa Guy, 75, the supreme ruler of the Ronclair tribe in Bokkos County, was killed. Agai was murdered with his son and daughter-in-law, driver and police attaché. Road, his close ally and district head of Manguna, Monday adakeWas killed two months ago.

The monarch’s “continuous target killing” is Takeover of the territorySenator Istifanus Gann said at the funeral of the murdered monarch Bruce Chuwan on September 25, 2020.

Chuwan, the monarch of the Foron district east of Birkin Radi County, was killed by armed men suspected of being Fula militants.

“Terrorism siege”

The motive for the abduction was to raise funds for a terrorist attack, said Gann, who represents the Northern Plateau in the Nigerian Senate.

“The link between kidnappings as a major source of terrorist financing in Nigeria has been established through the intelligence network,” Gann told The Epoch Times over the phone.

As in the northwest, town leaders are more attractive to those seeking hostages because they affect the community, Rep. Mwadokwon told The Epoch Times.

“They know that when their heads are taken, people in the community collect money to save their leaders,” said Mwad Kwon, afraid of community obedience after such abductions. “If they can’t be stopped, they may soon demand more than money for the ransom — as we witnessed in the northwest.”

Faced with a personal threat from terrorists, the monarch of Jonathan Sunday Akns in Bockkos County, the state, said his people were at risk of a “terrorist siege.”

“It’s very sad, but we’re clearly aiming to undermine the system of embodying the heritage of our people in order to force a siege of terrorism into the community,” Akuns told The Epoch Times. I am writing in a text message. Failed to protect minorities.

Not all of the kidnappings in the plateau were by Fula terrorists, Brigadier General Maren Magit, a former Army officer, told The Epoch Times.

However, bandits fleeing from the northwest may have infiltrated and surged the number of incidents, Magit said in a text message.

“The recent increase in kidnappings may be due to the need for money to participate. [festivities] And the federal government’s declaration of thieves as terrorism, “said Magit.

Government accomplice

The failure to crush terrorists after the government publicly designated terrorists as a threat to the state encouraged gangs to attack civilians on a large scale, Gann said.

“The federal government has designated it and previously published it in the official bulletin. [put into law] Designate all bandits and murderers with guns as terrorists.

“The implication is that they are determinedly dealt with head-on and do not have the opportunity to embark on an evil business.

“I’m at a loss because of the necessary response that was supposed to be very large under this new position of the federal government,” Gyang said.

Human rights lawyer Malcolm Omirhobo has accused President Muhammadu Buhari, a Fula Muslim, of delaying his actions against terrorists due to religious prejudice.

“Nigeria’s anxiety has grown into an uncontrollable hydra-headed monster because of President Buhari’s government incompetence, ignorance, non-patriotism, nepotism, timidity, prejudice, deception, and dishonesty,” Omilhobo said. I wrote in the Epoch Times.

Kim Masala