Tesco says 1,600 jobs at risk from store changes

London — UK’s largest retailer Tesco said on Tuesday that store operational changes, including the removal of night shifts to refill shelves, could make 1,600 roles redundant.

The group said it is moving nighttime restocking during the day at 36 large stores and 49 convenience stores.

At 36 stores, gas stations will be converted to refueling only at night.

Tesco said the 1,600 endangered roles include 130 roles related to Jack’s store closure announced on Monday.

Jason Tally, CEO of Tesco UK and Ireland, said:

The group said it currently has a vacancy of about 3,000 and will help affected staff find alternative roles.

Last month, Tesco raised its profit outlook for the first time in four months after a better-than-expected Christmas deal.

Tesco’s share rose 1% at 1004 GMT, up 23.5% year-on-year.

Industry data released on Tuesday show that Tesco continues to outperform its major rivals.