Tesla calls for abandonment of COVID-19 rule hosting 9,000 people at Berlin’s “Gigafest”

Berlin — Tesla, familiar with the German bureaucracy trying to build a huge factory near Berlin, COVID-19 on a mass rally to host up to 9,000 people at the Gigafest to showcase its plans. I am seeking an exemption from the rules.

An electric car maker, which began construction in the town of Grunheide in December 2019 but is still awaiting final approval of the site, saw the factory under construction by locals on October 9th in August. We announced that we will hold an event to receive.

Its candid boss, Elon Musk, tweeted that he would be present earlier this month.

The local government has told Reuters that it has applied for permission to place 9,000 people on-site, beyond the pandemic rule that limits such meetings to 5,000 people.

“Available documents suggest that the application will be approved,” said a local government spokesman, confirming a previous report by newspaper BZ.

Tesla’s comments were not immediately available.

To host the event, Tesla must also prove that it does not damage the land or release toxic substances into the groundwater.

A local government spokesman said the company is also expected to meet this requirement.

The location chosen by Tesla is adjacent to a protected area, and environmental groups have expressed concern that factories could contaminate groundwater sources and overuse them.

According to Musk, the plant will use less water than other industrial projects in the region, and Tesla’s plan is to recycle water to ensure that locals don’t lose their drinking water. Measures such as facilities are included.

According to the website set up to register for the event, the day will include a “behind-the-scenes” factory tour and the opportunity to ride the Model Y, which will be produced on-site if the factory is approved.

By Victoria Waldersee