Tesla finally started to push the long-delayed FSD Beta 9


Roberto Baldwin/Engadget

Tesla just started to push the most significant FSD (Full Self Driving) software update in a long time.according to The Verge It is reported that users of the Early Experience Program can already obtain FSD Beta 9 for testing. Although it still does not achieve true “automatic”, it still activates a number of assistance functions for urban roads (not highways). , Such as changing lanes or turning, etc. You can also see the “additional surrounding information” from the system to better understand how the car understands the surrounding environment. The update also mentioned the use of the camera in the cabin to ensure that you have a system that focuses on the road conditions when Autopilot is started. In any case, Musk reminds beta test users that they will “keep suspicion” and be ready to take over the work of driving at any time.

Version 9 has been developed for an unusually long time. As early as 2018, it was said that it would be launched in August of that year, and it was fully automated driving. But obviously after nearly three years of research and development, Tesla still cannot achieve the goal of full self-driving, and it sounds like Tesla will not be able to achieve it in a short time. FSD Beta 9 is an important milestone towards full self-driving, but it seems that the day when it can be completely “let go” will take some time to come.

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