Tesla is dismissing workers who have just started hiring and withdrawing offers to hire when Elon Musk’s headcount cuts begin


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Elon Musk announced in June that Tesla will have more staff.Patrick Pururu / Getty Images

  • Tesla fired a new worker at the company months or weeks ago.

  • The intern canceled the full-time offer, but the recruiter was fired only two weeks later.

  • One manager said he threatened to discontinue health insurance if Tesla refused to pay his retirement.

Tesla workers who started work just months or weeks ago were fired, and other workers withdrew their offer as they began imposing the cuts announced by Elon Musk in early June.

Insiders found numerous posts from Tesla employees who said they were fired as part of the cut, but others canceled their job.

Paul Brotherton, Senior project manager “I was very shocked when I was told I was fired. As a manager, I got the impression that my position was safe,” said an insider who had just begun in January.

Asked how Tesla decided which role to reduce, he said: .. I asked for the indicators they are using, but they refused to tell me. “

“The process was definitely not fair because I wasn’t given the team I requested.”

Brotherton said the whole process was very cold. “When I said goodbye, my manager didn’t look at me or wave my hand.”

“The severance pay was basically unfair because it threatened to discontinue health insurance and forced us to accept it,” he added.

Iain Abshier, who was part of the recruitment team, said: LinkedIn post on Tuesday: “Damn, talk about gut punch. On Friday afternoon, I was included in the Tesla layoff after just two weeks of work.”

Robert Belovadskij The job offer as a manufacturing control development engineer has been canceled, “he said.” The timing of the situation is disappointing because I was scheduled to take office in early August. “

At the beginning of June, Musk asked Tesla executives to suspend all employment because they had “very bad feelings” about the economy and needed to cut 10% of the company’s workforce. Told. but, He later tweeted it The number of staff will increase, but the number of office workers will not increase.

Mansi Chandresha started as a data analyst in Tesla in February. Post on LinkedIn After learning that she was disconnected, “I was trying to gather myself in the news that my position at Tesla had ended.”

Still, she added, “I’m grateful for the opportunity to work with a great team.”

Chandresha said he was urgently seeking a new role before his student visa expired at the end of July.

2 ex-employees An electric car maker is suing the company for violating federal law by rushing to dismiss hundreds of employees.

The proceedings, John Lynch and Duxton Heartsfield, have documented that at least 500 colleagues in Nevada lost their jobs at about the same time.

Insider found At least 11 workers That work has been reduced. It is likely that Musk will suffer the same fate as he said at the Qatar Economic Forum last week that the cuts will take effect in the next three months.

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